AL DIYAR Compound is one of the most conspicuous activities of TAMEER Development Association which was set up in 1954, and the affiliation has passed on in bounty 26 thousand units throughout the years since its foundation.

The compound was created and worked by a group of exceptionally experienced experts who managed the development and improvement of a few activities recently attempted by Tameer, for example, the Oberoi Hotel in Aswan, and Le Meridien Hotel in Cairo, alongside the Palestine Hotel in Alexandria, New Maadi, Sheraton, Maryland and other uber ventures.

This is the place Tameer was quick to pick a recognized area for its undertaking by encompassing it with the most business goals and fundamental focuses.
al diyar compound

Why AL DIYAR 6 October?

AL DIYAR Tameer Compound has been structured with a blend of great plan from one perspective, with the organization sharp in planning it to keep all the components that cause the quiet element of the compound from the opposite side, the undertaking configuration incorporates making it encompassed by common scenes from green spaces close by fake lakes, notwithstanding giving everything recreational and business offices and administrations just as social focuses to address all the issues of its inhabitants. the organization didn’t dismiss the development of huge floors, to guarantee the peaceful element of AL DIYAR private venture, with the goal that every unit holds its security and parity.

Advantages of Living at AL DIYAR 6 October

A decent life will uncover effectively along the way that we justified, despite all the trouble. AL DIYAR Compound got the estimation of strolls gives you to remain sound and can accomplish our points. Through AL DIYAR Compound different bistro global brands, you can savor multidimensional fineness work, play with companions, or simply invest a peaceful energy for yourself.

The compound from Tameer has delighted in numerous qualities that recognize it from other ventures. AL DIYAR Compound gave a lot of services and facilities Scene, which arrives at 80% of the venture zone overall counterfeit lakes and pools are structured in the most recent style, a business community that incorporates numerous administrations that accomplish independence of the populace, for.

example, eateries, bistros, shopping centers, and others, Club house, the administrations are given at the most elevated level of .productivity and polished methodology, The undertaking additionally has a huge mosque for the inhabitants, There are places assigned for youngsters, The underground carport is intended to guarantee more prominent calm in the compound, Security and guarding administrations for 24 hours, Internet and telephone utilities are accessible also.

al diyar compound

AL DIYAR 6 October prices and Payment System:

Al Diyar offers different prices and payment systems, such as:

Up front installment: 30% of the complete lodging unit cost, term of portion: 5 years, Installment framework to get your lodging unit inside a half year

First installment : 20% of the all-out lodging unit cost

The second portion : 10% following 3 months of paying the primary portion

Term of portion: 5 years, installment framework to get your lodging unit inside 9 months

First installment: 10% of the all-out lodging unit cost

The second portion: 10% of the all-out estimation of the lodging unit following 3 months The third portion: 10% of the all-out estimation of the lodging unit following 9 months

Term of portion: 4 years

Dates for receipt:

1-Immediate receipt, receipt following a half-year

3-Receipt following 9 months

Space in AL DIYAR 6 October:

AL DIYAR compound covers a zone of ​​43 sections of land, 80% of which is devoted to green spaces and scenes, contrasted with just 20% for structures, in like manner, the quantity of structures in AL DIYAR private undertaking is evaluated at 75 private structures, equal to 828 lodging units Kinds of lodging units:
– ground floor
– 3 repeating designs

– Penthouse

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