Alma Compound is the true focal of Sheikh Zayed by Tameer, the focal point of the new rural center that is starting to flourish with a totally different scope of relaxation exercises and enhancements.

 Overview of Alma Compound Sheikh Zayed:

 More Egyptians are leaving exercises and civilities. For the Cairo rural areas looking in the point of finding a superior personal satisfaction; in any case, the further you move out, the more disassociated you feel with focal Cairo which is the center to most of the exercises that advance Egyptian lives. This is the issue that ALMA endeavors to unravel for a totally different age with its Family Houses, Twin Houses, and Standalone Villas.

ALMA is the most recent top venture by IWAN Developments situated in the core of Sheik Zayed. It is the focal point of the new rural center that will interface focal Cairo with suburbia, in this manner, taking care of the issue of disassociation from the vivacious downtown area and offering a superior personal satisfaction simultaneously.

Alma Compound

Advantages of Living in Alma Compound Sheikh Zayed: 

Alma Compound highlights a wide scope of rich family houses, twin houses, and manors that will address each issue, close by with an entire scope of recreation exercises and comforts, Your fantasy unit here in the compound Alma October, which observes numerous administrations and structural plans superb that received the progressed aesthetic style conveys the spot all the implications of advancement, extravagance, and quiet; Alma 6 October Compound was set up by IWAN Real Estate Company, which was quick to have the site of the compound in the city of Six of October, as it makes the most of its good ways from commotion and congestion, just as traffic clog.

 Why Alma compound Sheikh Zayed?

Alma Compound Sheik Zayed Tameer provides you to change your way of life and book your fantasy.

Alma Compound Tameer has ensured that the administrations inside the compound have the biggest region to the detriment of the lodging units so the compound is finished and incorporated and each client finds what he is searching for; Among the organizations that the association was quick to have an exercise center that incorporates numerous games, social Club, the tremendous green spaces that

spread all through the compound, unique region for cafés and bistros, a spot assigned for holding grills and prepared to get parties, Alma October compound has an uncommon region for shops that incorporates the most recent global brands, security and guarding 24 hour, a spot for youngsters with numerous pleasant games, reconnaissance cameras on every single compound door, exercise center, spa and Jacuzzi focuses, wellbeing facilities at the most elevated level, every unit has a devoted vehicle leave, modern cascades, pools at different levels, gem tidal ponds involve the vast majority of the compound, and numerous different administrations saw by the compound of Sheik Zayed, which caused him to appreciate an existence of extravagance, quiet and mental solace

Alma Compound

The Importance of Alma compound location:

The location of the Compound Alma 6 October possesses a key spot inside the city of Six of October and is near the essential spots, including: On the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, Very near Hazem Hassan, It is likewise near New Giza University, It is situated close to Tivoli Dome Zayed, The site of the Compound Alma Sixth of October is near the administrations and fundamental places that Sheik Zayed City is honored with, including a short ways from Hyper One, Banha and 20 minutes between Mall of Egypt, Approximately 10 minutes close to Mall of Arabia, a little ways from Dar Al Fouad Hospital, a little ways from Juhayna Square, The organization has taken consideration that the site is imperative as it realizes that the main thing any client is looking for is the site that is effectively available and furthermore the administrations that work to address his issues and is provided in Alma compound location.

The territory of ​​the Alma October compound surpasses 29 sections of land, of which 20% of the all-out zone has been allotted to the lodging units that the compound appreciates, appropriated between win House on a region beginning from 267 meters to 282 meters, autonomous estates on a territory extending from 470 meters to 600 meters.

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