Armonia El Tayebi compound new capital Egypt presents a shrewd and special building idea where living inside a recreation center is the ruling topic. It offers a scope of offices and amusement benefits all commending living inside a recreation center by keeping up over 80% green spaces. ARMONIA also offers a stylishly satisfying way of life encompassed by all that one needs.

 The Land Developers is an Egyptian land improvement business entity that brings an abundance of business and land understanding through their joint investors.

The three significant investors are El Tayebi Developments, A-section a main reseller’s exchange car organization and The Steel and Concrete Company, it also has a broad land experience acquired from El Tayebi Developments; an entrenched name working since 2006 with finished top of the line extends in the best locale of Maadi to New Cairo, West Golf, and Alexandria. El Tayebi’s solid arrangement of boutique improvements that began providing food generally to an ex-pat customer base with explicitly customized remote principles has added to their industry aptitude with a one of a kind methodology of usage extremely particular to the market.

armonia compound new capital

 Why ARMONIA Compound?

 ARMONIA Compound New Capital Egypt makes the immaterial substantial through thinking about how the single drop of water is the start of any living thing beginning with a minuscule seed in the venture which develops in at all times towards making ARMONIA. Beginning by our Park which may appear to be haphazardly dissipated everywhere throughout the task yet it’s made with a far-reaching building condition that makes our inhabitants live inside the recreation center making the living spine of ARMONIA.

 ARMONIA highlights unrivaled Amenities arranged by the diverse age sections of ARMONIA occupants, The Compound offers inventive ideas with an assortment of living spaces encompassed by greenery and rich pleasantries and Services, so you experience the genuine amicability walking around the recreation center and passing by the exercises built inside. A stroll in the recreation center will restore your soul giving ARMONIA a definitive encounter.

 Advantages of Living at ARMONIA El Tayebi New Capital Location

 ARMONIA Compound New Capital Egypt offers present-day extravagance condos and highlights different offices from a family park to a yoga space, pools, a canines park, a bike path, a soccer field, a tennis court, an open-air rec center, an eatery deck, a BBQ territory, a children region, and a running track., with high rises are planned absolutely with white stones that speak to mists in the sky making solace for the eyes that observe such magnificence, making concordance with nature in addition to security, community center, bike lane, landscape, and clubhouse.

ARMONIA Compound is Located in a Prime Location Overlooking The Diplomatic Village of The New Capital, ARMONIA is deliberately situated in the most premium area in R7, 0.8 KM Diplomatic District,1.6 KM Opera, 2.1 KM Green River, 2.5 KM New Capital Cathedral, 3.2 KM New Capital Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque, 4.1 KM Government Center, 4.8 KM Conference Center, 5.3 KM Medical City, 5.5 KM Investment zone

8.8 KM Academic City, 10 KM Airport

ARMONIA Compound

ARMONIA Compound New Capital Prices and Master Plan

With Armonia New Capital prices, spread more than 42 Acres, ARMONIA has just 20% developed region and the staying 80% is committed to the recreation center. ARMONIA offers a wide assortment of living spaces running from 1 room loft to 4 rooms known as Cielo Villas. Living spaces extend from 87 sqm to 347 sqm to serve every one of our clients’ needs, at ARMONIA structures are planned absolutely with white stones that speak to mists in the sky making solace for the eyes that observe such excellence, making congruity with nature for all inhabitants.

Marquee Mall

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