Azzar compound New Cairo, the choice of comfort

Azzar Compound New Cairo is a new distinctive project that is famous enough for its elegant designs and great location .among several compounds in the new Cairo city, this one has a collection of designs chosen and created by several experts .therefore it has appeared to us with great similarity to the American city, California.

 Azzar compound

Azzar compound

Location and space of Azzar compound

Actually, we can easily reach Azzar compound location, especially once we are in new Cairo .because the compound is near to the American university, in addition to its near to one of the most famous sectors of fifth settlement .this sector is known as El Teseen street in new Cairo city, where more residential properties are existed like, mountain view compound, Villette sodic, and the palm hills compound.

It is established on about 25 acres nearing to the golden square area. The space is full of greenfield sites and several ways of entertain. azzar is really a way to nature.

Designs of Azzar New Cairo compound

There is no doubt that this compound is the first real estate project made by the Rede group company. So the company insists to make such a copy of the modern, international, and elegant designs of California city. this copy of designs is made for people who love and dream to live in modern cities .so it is now available to them in a fifth settlement, new Cairo.

The compound is similar to a small city with a wide range of green spaces and waterways that reveal comfort. Although these designs are inspired by California city, still the east community has its touch through the compound to keep our oriental traditions. The designs are made by using the most preferred kinds of Crystal. In addition to wonderful views all over the compound designed to reveal the soul of relaxation inside customers that actually look for differentiating.

Contents of the villa’s spaces

Between 439 and 494 square meters of space, villas are located on.

Tween house is located in An area of 247 to 287 square meters.

A townhouse is located also on an area of 291 to 305 square meters.

Azzar compound

Advantages and services introduced to customers

The compound of azzar is enhancing its customer’s needs through several places and architectures.

The following services can help every client find his needs:

-more villas in addition to townhouse and tween house.

-several pools and great green spaces

-parks established on huge spaces to achieve comfort

-trade mall for those who have a passion for shopping especially getting brands as several shops grant you brands

-several restaurants and cafes with great competitions between them, therefore, enable you to enjoy elegant service

-a sports health club that includes international equipment and special areas for kids.

-all areas of the compound include security cameras that work 24 hours per day.

-A great projector in which important films and football games can be watched in the middle of azzar.

-there is a specially trained team for solving any disrupted thing, once the client calls them, quickly they will be.

Azzar New Cairo Prices and cost

In azzar compound, every client can choose the appropriate cost with appropriate architecture. So the one can be satisfied with what he has expended. According to the space and location of every villa, the price can be specified for every customer to know that he easily can choose what he needs. There separated villas with a cost that is different from other ones like tween house. Actually, the customer can give a down payment of 5% and the rest of the cost can be given as payments for 6 years.

finally, getting a nice place is an easy way and available, but to get a different one with the most advantages you want is somehow a hard one. So easily now you can find your demand in azzar compound in the fifth settlement. Where a good location, privateness, elegant community, and way to relaxation. In addition to good cost and distinctive treatment

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