Have a Distinct Life with  Azzar New Cairo

Azzar Compound New Cairo, the development project of Reedy Group. Styled in an American way precisely California with a lot of Egyptian soil and soul that you will find it in New Cairo. Azzar Compound New Cairo emblem is authenticity and difference, it is one of the most tremendous opulence communities, it drafted to you for a beautiful entertainment lifestyle with pulse full of life, vitality, and unlimited possibilities which is balanced through nature and several near facilities. It also provides you easy arrival to many major arteries in the city, not only promoting comfy but also boosting mobility.

azzar new cairo

 Why Azzar Compound?

Azzar Reedy is a Compound replete with Egyptian family’s needs, guarantee they get distinctions and everything they are looking for In New Cairo and Fifth Avenue, securing you and your family In a safe, healthy and quiet vibes. And about the interior design, it meets all needs and gives you a unique and calm life.

Home is the root that life grows from, Azzar Rede compound is the master of the process that provide you having a unique life with massive facilities comprise vast streets you will find in a well-lubricated bicycle, a robust and smooth mechanism that lets the fresh air feeling, motion convenience, and the self-assurance feeling. It also embraces major international brands and restaurants and avenues full of lush gardens, Nothing could draw us to go far, profound than fresh, clean air and the ravines of nature. Azzar New Cairo Compound allows you open-air exercise, recall us how alive we are true; it’s human nature, doing better potentials in a magnificent environment.

azzar new cairo

Azzar New Cairo Location

Azzar New Cairo compound location is in a strategic area, which is inside New Cairo and can be moved from nearby to all adjacent areas located in the heart of the Golden Square, on Fifth Avenue, directly on Al Nawadi Street, and is next to Mountain View Compound. it is close to many landmarks around it as follows: 10 minutes from the American University, 20 minutes from Cairo Airport, 20 minutes from Heliopolis and Nasr City.

 Advantages of Living atAzzar New Cairo Compound:

A good life will expose easily along the path that we worth it. Azzar New Cairo Compound got the value of walks provides you -more than 500 meters- walking area, to stay healthy and have the ability to achieve our aims. Through Azzar’s various coffee-shop international brands, you can relish multidimensional fineness work, play with friends, or just spend a quiet time for yourself.

Summer vibes at Azzar Compound New Cairo, where feet feel the water, toes combing summer grains; by relieving various swimming pools embrace kid’s pool area, infinity pool, and the lagoon pool in addition to the BBQ pool area. Beach life also, which is known by a ball thrown away, with beach volleyball area, you can relish infinite summer moments whenever you need, In addition to the swimming pool, pet policy, and the parking areas.

azzar new cairo

The future blooms in sun breeze and the fresh air with all love and fantasy. Azzar Compound kids’ play area provides a wealth space for the youngest inhabitants to enable them to use their imagination and enjoy recreational activities, which is a key element for healthy development and lifelong happiness

Azzar Reedy Compound has revolutionized the neighborhood entertainment venue, beyond the screen, provides the best experience that will always expand horizons, and bring new perspectives with its large outdoor screen to enjoy your favorite movie sports events and shows in a natural environment in backyard.

Azzar New Cairo Compound Prices:

Azzar Reedy Compound’s prices start from 6,000,000 EGP, it provides you the best luxury compound in a vibrant district in New Cairo, which can give you a calm vibe. In the green space and crystal lagoon unit, it also provides you with all the main similar leisure services, created and refined architectural design. It is similar to the architectural design of the California compound, has all the security and privacy you want, and suits the traditions of our Eastern society. Therefore, Azzar New Cairo is considered the link between the West and its civilization and maturity. Azzar compound is one of the most modern residential compounds in Cairo. This is the first design in American style.

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