Century City Compound 5th settlement

Live in a calm and rich environment amid green spaces and coordinated administrations in Century City Compound, the organization that built up the task was enthused about accomplishing independence for its occupants by giving all the administrations and offices that they may require to whom looking for a luxurious and quiet environment Century City Compound gives you special services, and facilities as well as comprehensive medical services. Century City Compound has new administrative funds and installments with the longest payment term

Century City location

As you are searching generally advantageous, generally delightful and one of a kind, you ought to pick Century City New Cairo venture, as it is a lavish and particular exacerbate that offers you the best lodging units and administrations that you want total with the most extreme quality, extravagance, and imagination.

Century City Compound

Century City Compound location, your best spot, the structures between the past and the present. Century City Compound is the best decision for you and your family by searching for solace and peacefulness. Craftsmanship Decor planned the undertaking such that the organization mixed the great look that communicates creativity from one viewpoint, and advancement then again. The organization also has considered the completion of all units to suit the flavors of these clients, just as structuring a few carports under the floor of each building.

Advantages of Century Compound New Cairo:

The Century Project, Fifth Settlement provides you having a different life has numerous of essential and entertainments that includes vast landscape which 75% of the all-out task region has been apportioned to serve green spaces in the venture, you can have the lake view with our huge artificial lake inside the venture, it has been structured in a cutting edge style to serve the mental solace of the populace, and modernistic planned pool style to guarantee the diversion of the occupants in the venture. Keep your kids safe at our children zone which is additionally a unique territory for youngsters. Moreover, there is a huge GYM venture open to green

spaces in the compound, and a bicycle track and strolling track to serve avid supporters by a massive system of safety and security and guarding administrations for the day with the nearness of observation cameras to add to keep up security also. There are Jacuzzi and spa zones to unwind following a long workday; you can engage your youngsters through an amusement territory inside the compound. All games and diversion are accommodated kids, inside the compound, give a lot of calm spots where you can rehearse your different interests, for example, perusing and study rooms, and parking garages with the most significant level of insurance, there is a nonstop escort administration for the day, as a gathering of security men, was looking over the most celebrated organizations.

Century City

The geographic Century City Compound location is very unique which is situated in the core of Fifth Avenue toward the finish of South 90 Street. As needs are, the venture is situated close to numerous indispensable zones as following two minutes Aloosti ring road, found two minutes from Al Sokhna road, has a short way from the American University. And only 10 minutes separated to The New Administrative Capital.

The spaces in Century city Compound New Cairo:

The territories in the New Cairo Century venture by and large range from at least 160 meters to a limit of 350 square meters, as follows:

Apartment spaces: Apartment territories in Century Compound beginning from 160 square meters and end at 217 square meters.

Spaces duplexes: start spaces duplexes of 162 square meters and finishes with a region of 343 square meters.

Penthouse spaces: The penthouse spaces start from 248 square meters and end with a region of ​​350 square meters.

This is because the structure regions of the fifth-century complex undertaking will be roughly 25% of the all-out task zone.

Century City Compound New Cairo Prices Installment and portion:

Two installment and portion frameworks have been affirmed inside the undertaking of Century Fifth Avenue, to serve all clients.

The main portion framework

Moderator: The moderator rate in this framework is 10% of the complete unit cost within Century City prices.

Portion period: The rest of the sum will be paid in portions for a most extreme time of 6 years.

The second portion framework upfront installment: Down installment is 15% of the all-out lodging unit cost.

Portion period: The rest of the sum will be paid in portions that reach out as long as 7 years from the date of the agreement with the organization of the Century City prices.

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