compound anakaji new capital city, your way to the welfare

New compound with a great distinctive style on the land of the new capital city in Cairo. The place where you can get relaxation and inspiration as the Nubian architecture is surrounded you through all directions. The word Anakaji itself is inspired by the Nubian language that means “your house”, you can see it is a strange word but actually it has a known meaning that refers to relaxation, privateness, and comfort .the distinctiveness of this project is coming from the idea of its style .inspired by the magnificent Nubian world which mixed up with the natural colors and simplicity of architecture .so if you have a passion towards Nubian style and its magic, you now will be in no need to travel for distances. You simply can take your place at the compound anakaji new capital.

compound anakaji new capital

Culture of establishing the compound anakaji new capital

compound anakaji new capital has a great advantage that helps the community in Cairo to revive Egypt’s authentic architecture not all people know about the culture of Nubia, now it is a chance in the new Cairo so people can enjoy and show their children how great to live around such a culture. this culture you can feel it through all designs of architecture and the natural colors everywhere. All this pretty of planning is thanks to Egypt’s residential property company for architecture development. This company is newly established but actually, it has achieved its success at lightning speed.

compound anakaji new capital location and space

By speaking about the location of Anakaji compound, and its space we will notice that it is really a distinctive one .it is chosen to be one of the favorite locations where you can be near from all areas. Anakaji compound location is at eighth neighborhood R8, sector i4 and this sector is distinguished by its high level. In addition to being considered a high class one, because of the existence of embassies buildings nearing it. The compound also has a direct view of the green river, which is related to the greatest central park in the world. this park that extends from the beginning of the new capital until its end. So you really can breathe with a high quality of fresh air around you.

The location again offers you a great advantage which is being fronted of the governmental sector that includes ministries buildings, governmental associations, the presidential palace, the opera house, conference room, and the famous hotel El masa.

compound anakaji new capital

 Services introduced by the compound Anakaji new capital

Most important services you can get from Anakaji compound and its special prices,

Let us know that this project is located on about 20 acres including natural views with the magic of Nubia lies in its details. About 20% of the whole space is used only for buildings, so the rest of this space has been left for making the customer benefit from green spaces and getting relaxed.

compound anakaji new capital is located on the main street 80m wide and another street is about 60m.

The wide of the project is 160m and 600m length.

-having 2 main entrances on its beginning and its end in order to avoid crowding of people and cars, with the existence of security around 24 hours.

-green spaces and a walkway 1km length.

-2trade areas with a great service include a variety of the greatest shops that offer international brands.

-garages are found down every building.

-house club for children and another one for adults to give the customer a high grade of welfare, with integrated services.

– library and integrated cultural center.




-area for restaurants, cafes, designed to introduce international hotel services.

-a special area designed for parties to be made according to Nubian ones.

-several international schools are some feet apart from the compound so the customers can feel

safe about their children.

compound anakaji new capital

Finally, you can now choose easily the place where you can find a collection that gathers between wonderful, simplicity, culture and good community and special Anakaji compound prices. And actually, all of us now is suffering from the polluted communities and is a great need to feel relaxed in such place like compound anakaji new capital .you are who decide your comfort services.

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