Amid the new El Alamein North Coast Compound

downtown new alamein North Coast, the new city, is the first destination for visitors from all over the world. Its natural beauty has attracted people for years. Rest when visiting El Alamein as a tourist that makes you rethink, it has been observed that more and more people are buying personal vacation villas in order to maintain the privacy of the holiday tour, with special downtown new alamein prices.

The most important residential neighborhoods in the city amid the new Alamein

Mazarin Compound

It is located west of the North Coast on an area of 72 acres at km 107 Alexandria Matrouh Road.

It is two hours away from Cairo and Marsa Matrouh by road, and about an hour and a quarter away from Alexandria.

Mazarin Compound

We find that Mazarin village has an area of about 706 acres, meaning that about 20% of the village area is for the compound and the rest of the area is for water bodies such as artificial lakes and the like and green areas

downtown new alamein

downtown new alamein compound location

Downtown New Alamein location in the city center, and its most important distinction, along with its proximity to important cities; It is located at a distance of 107 km from Alexandria Governorate, and away from Cairo with a distance of 261 km, from Marsa Matrouh by a distance of 184 km, and El Alamein Airport with a distance of 54 km and is Downtown New Alamein location.

Besides that, it is located near Al Alamein Gardens, Heritage City, Al Massa Hotel, Palace of Culture, and Cabinet.

This makes the compound a vital location that attracts both investors and tourists.

The developer divided the compound into residential units, shopping centers, entertainment areas, and gardens on an area of 31 acres.

downtown new alamein

Natural features Amid the downtown new alamein Compound

The beautiful white sands of downtown new alamein North Coast beach usually amaze tourists, because most people may not believe that this type of natural wonder can be found already in the Middle East.

The splendid waters of El Alamein cover several kilometers along the beautiful coast.

Beaches are used almost all year.

A beach road in the middle of the new El Alamein in Marsa Matruh runs alongside a long strip of Matrouh coast, where you can find a group of wonderful open beaches located between the tourist resorts and private beach clubs.

It is not unnatural to discover Muslim Arab women swimming in the seas, wearing full swimming costumes, to cover their entire bodies with humility as required by their Islamic lifestyle.

Some of the best sites among the new Alamein Compound

1- Al Mamzar Beach Park: a large area of ​​about 100 hectares. This private beach park offers picnic areas and pools, as well as plenty of green lawn. It is really a great place for family enjoyment, just like many beach gardens in downtown new alamein.

2- Al-Muntara Park: The international metzo is located near trade magazines. It is really an excellent choice for both business and family travelers. It features a small golf course and fishing boats, as well as a lush botanical garden with more than 200 species of flowers and plant life.

3- The beach amid the new El Alamein and the beach garden: a clear and wonderful beachfront with great views of the amazing lake. Covering about 14 km, this private beach is one of the most favorite beach places in El Alamein. Amid the new El Alamein, the park houses food stalls, picnic tables, and children’s play areas, and is really a good choice for families and singles. Rescue service monitors swimmers, while guest rooms and clothes are provided for guests.

downtown new alamein

Day of downtown new Alamein Compound

-Sections in downtown new alamein North Coast – just like the chic neighborhood, as well as its apartments, with respect to the special downtown new alamein prices.

-It is one of the most sophisticated places to live in the heart of the new city of El Alamein.

-This main resort is characterized by easy access to some of the most modern places in the —region, just a few minutes away from the thriving lifestyle of Marsa Matruh.

-Enjoy amenities like an ultra-clear pool, bar, lounge, shared library, and gym, plus a spa for those long nights driving pencils.

-This luxurious residential complex makes living life easy with its refined design and unique service.

-Now, this is what we call living in the bosom of luxury.

-Go to the center of the downtown new alamein – your search ends here.

-Forget all these other options and choose downtown new alamein Beach, North Coast.

-Live a better life, and enjoy the comforts of a rich and famous lifestyle.

Feel like a millionaire in your apartment in El Alamein today.

The next time you decide to spend a vacation at the beach, all you have to do is search for El Alamein in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Moreover, its central location to many other popular holiday destinations makes it a great stopover for tourists looking for some relaxation on the beachside.

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