eleven mall new capital

This undertaking is viewed as one of the authoritative ventures presented by New Plan for land advancement, in which it was quick to appreciate all the focal points that make it a splendid objective for those wishing to develop their brands and start their tasks in the biggest business locale in the new regulatory capital, eleven mall new capital.

It merits referencing that the New arrangement organization, proprietor of the task Aelevn – claims a few private and authoritative activities in the new regulatory capital, for example, Compound Serrano just as the compound of Attica

Location of Eleven mall new capital : 

The eleven mall new capital New Plan location undertaking is situated in plot B1-11 on a central avenue that stretches out up to 90 meters in the new regulatory capital.

The eleven mall new capital task is additionally a beginning stage for another auxiliary road that reaches out up to 60 meters in the business and money related locale of the new managerial capital.

With regards to discussing the recognized area of the eleven mall new capital task as one of the business ventures in the capital, it is significant that the undertaking happened among a few imperative focuses as follows:

The eleven mall task is situated behind the Al Massa Hotel

– The task is just two minutes from the administrative region and the Egyptian parliament.

– It is additionally 2 minutes from the local ring street.

Eleven Mall New Plan Features:

The eleven mall undertaking has numerous favorable circumstances that New has been enthused about giving, as it fills in as one of the business and regulatory activities in the new authoritative capital. The upsides of the undertaking are in the accompanying focuses:

• Area: The energetic undertaking site is one of the most significant points of interest that makes it a perfect goal for those hoping to fabricate their image in one of the biggest business and managerial ventures in the new capital.

eleven mall new capital

• Plan: The structure of the eleven mall undertaking shows its uniqueness among business ventures.

• Doors: The eleven mall new capital New Plan ventures are portrayed by the bounty of passageways in it, which lessens clog, as there are a crisis entrance and primary and optional access to the regulatory zone notwithstanding another principle entrance and auxiliary access to the business territory.

• Cooling: The Eleven business venture has top-notch cooling

• Landscape: There is a colossal landscape to guarantee the customer’s mental solace.

• Security: Security and watchman administrations were given to the task 24 hours per day.

• Web: The venture was furnished with fast internet providers to guarantee clients complete their undertakings.

• Meeting room: There are meeting rooms outfitted with the most recent progression and means intends to fill the need of their foundation, it has additionally made a point to have it furnished with the most recent in private offices and innovation.

• Sunlight based vitality: There are sun oriented controlled units to guarantee power.

• Vehicle care administrations: These administrations are given at the most significant level of productivity.

Eleven mall Payment System and prices:

Eleven mall prices has endorsed three installment frameworks in the Eleven business venture, as follows:

• The primary framework

Introduction rate: 0%

Portion period: 5 entire years from the date of the agreement

• The subsequent framework

Upfront installment: 5 % is paid as an in advance portion, and 5% is paid after 3 months as an in advance portion.

Portion Duration: The portion time frame arrives at 6 entire years from the date of the agreement.

• The third framework

Upfront installment: 10% as an up-front installment, and 10% following 3 months as an initial installment.

Portion Duration: The portion time frame arrives at 7 entire years from the date of the agreement.

eleven mall new capital

The date of receipt in the Eleven mall new capital undertaking 

All units are conveyed inside 3 years.

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