Partaken in the services and claimed a store in Fifth Square Mall situated in Fifth Square, which is well known for its area in the Fifth Avenue explicitly on the northern ninety Street, which is popular for the brilliant square and the springy vein in New Cairo, as it is situated among numerous fundamental spots and awesome urban undertakings as it is honored with simple access to it The shopping center is based on a territory of 72,000 meters, to observe a lot of shops in various zones.

Fifth Square Mall

Fifth Square Mall location

Appreciate the location of Fifth Square Mall New Cairo inside the Compound Fifth Square incredible building which is seeing a considerable lot of the lodging units.

Fifth Square Mall New Cairo location is near:

• The American University is around 5 minutes.

• Apparently 10 minutes [Heliopolis].

• 20 minutes,, [Downtown].

AL MARASEM organization is keen on the venture site as it is the first impacting factor that everybody is searching for, so the site was picked by senior specialists alongside the past encounters of the organization.

Al-Marasem Company is a major name that presents Fifth Square Mall New Cairo with alternate speculation though, as it offers its units with the cooperation framework in sentiment, so it will be join forces with the biggest recognized land organizations.

The organization has ensured that the Fifth Square Mall New Cairo site is one of the most significant highlights of the task, so it was packed with extraordinary consideration.

Fifth Square Mall

Fifth Square Features

Al-Marasim Company has been sharp that Fifth Square has numerous highlights that everybody is searching for that help in progress, including:

• The shopping center’s amazing plan.

• Fifth Square, situated in the brilliant square region, appreciates simple access from all streets in practically no time.

• Costs propelled by the unmistakable service organization.

• The differing segment structures uncovered by the affiliation.

• The nearness of reconnaissance cameras covering all pieces of the shopping center.

• Security and guarding arrangement of lips.

• Offering speculation contrastingly through association with the biggest land venture organizations.

• The division of the immense space that the shopping center appreciates by a social event of consultants who managed within division comparable to the bleeding edge present-day structure.

Al-Marasim Company reported that all stores under the organization framework imply paying the content and the second content on the organization, Fifth Square Mall New Cairo has a carport with a limit of 5000 vehicles made sure about with the most recent universal gadgets.

Al Marasem organization in Fifth Square Mall New Cairo put all the necessities that each individual needs in his endeavor to be a consolidated errand and help in progress. The entirety of the above mentioned, for instance, and not constrained to, on the grounds that the organization has placed all its past involvement with setting up this shopping center through its yearning to past works and the snags and slip-ups that it confronted and made it one of the preferences that the undertaking appreciates.

Fifth Square Mall

Fifth Square Mall New Cairo Prices

Al-Marasim Company propelled inside Fifth Square Mall, it offered prices in an alternate way, it gives an association framework that implies text for you and text for the organization.

The organization declared the costs of Fifth Square Mall prices, going from 80,000 EGP to 120,000 EGP.

The organization gave all customers the shopping center proprietors to be accomplices of the enormous name, which promises you protected speculation.

Fifth Square Mall New Cairo Payment System

Al-Marasim organization gave to mall Fifth Square a wide range of installment frameworks, the most significant of which are:

Own and premium for more than 4 years.

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