IL Bosco New Capital City

Misr Italia Group preside Egypt’s international real estate market and real estate development by extending new projects; our goal is concept development of the Egyptian real estate market through customers’ choices. We provide customers picking unique design and decoration, so if you are looking for a luxurious and quiet environment IL Bosco New Capital City gives you special services, and facilities as well as comprehensive medical services. In the Compound new administrative funds and installments with the longest payment term.

IL Bosco City New Capital

Why Do People Prefer to Live in IL Bosco New Capital location?

IL Bosco City by Misr Italia Properties in Mostakbal is a fully intended place with a rapt nature, pleasing and beautifying environment reminiscent of vast forests and the core of the multi-use area in center of the project – the breathtaking Green River covers everything and makes it a unique purpose. The characteristics of the project can be said to be unique, secure, refined, vigorous, modern, neat, quiet and pet-friendly. It is a sanctuary for those who want to go for the green tranquility.

IL Bosco city mostakbal city New Capital Egypt

It’s easy to access in IL Bosco New Capital City location from Cairo-Suez Road and Cairo-Sokhna Road.  new capital City homeowners while they relishing the destinations suitability in the middle of the capital, can also manage their daily tasks conveniently. The neighborhoods around them and the multi-use district of ​​IL Bosco City are only a few minutes away from their doorstep. IL Bosco New Capital City also away from the bustle of the city provides an incredible life experience in a fecund environment.

The compoundt is among of the most modern habitation projects in the new administrative capital because it is a new urban start-up project developed by one of Egypt’s enormous real estate, a pioneer in the real estate development field in Egypt, an “Egypt Italy Group” company that has given a share in the expansion and foundation of various different urban projects in Cairo, North Coast and Ain Al -Sokhna. Sixth of October and La Nouva Vista Compound, 5th Settlement.
IL Bosco City New Capital City

Advantages of Living in IL Bosco city mostakbal city Compound

Compared with high-end life, the Compound is very low, it provides you a full set of luxurious unites, modernistic decorations, flourishing green spaces, and all the major and entertainment essentials, comprise all life sides, The price of El Bosco Compound is a amazing placing chance given to you by Misr Italy Group because it makes you own luxury habitation in among of the most important projects in the new administrative capital.
Enter a fascinating world with a lush of green life, a place full of green plants and magnificent landscapes. In the Middle East and Africa, a forest-like environment will be established for the first time for giving individuals the ecological green living sense. This is a project innovates a series of environments that profit the community with originative concepts. Welcome to IL Bosco Compound the portal to the 21st century new city ecology and innovative design is waiting for you.
This actually applies to the price of IL Bosco’s enormous area (about 200 acres). Inside of the new capital, add to its geographical location substantial, several Egypt Italy company advantages in advanced technology and excellent entertainment. All of this led you embrace the Bosco Egypt Italy project, thus completely selling the first and second units. Misr Italy Group declared the release of a third new capital at a very favorable price, which is its final stage.

il bosco new capital prices

You will enjoy your unit in IL Bosco new capital prices, the administrative capital, with very distinct facilities when paying, and therefore nothing will prevent you from your apartment or villa within IL Bosco Compound, whose details we present to you through this article. Where Misr Italy Group announced IL Bosco New Capital prices as follows, the prices of apartments consisting of 2 bedrooms start from 1.800,000 EGP to 2.200,000 EGP. The prices of apartments consisting of 3 bedrooms start from 2,000,000 EGP to 3,200,000 EGP. The prices of penthouse apartments start from 3,400,000 EGP to 4,200,000 EGP.
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