The New Administrative Capital is going to become a vibrant spot where many businessmen prefer to invest their money in successful projects. Inizio Mall New Capital is one of these thriving projects.

Karma Construction:

Karma Construction is the company that set up Inizio Mall New Capital. Besides, this company is investing money in Inizio Mall, which is considered one of the very first projects of the company in the New Capital. Karma Construction has established other successful projects such as Beit Al Watan, El Koronfel, Al Andalus, and The North Lotus.

Inizio Mall New Capital Location:

Inizio Mall New Capital has a remarkable location inside the vast New Administrative Capital. It is in the Central Business District which is an attractive place for a multitude of investors.

It is in close proximity to the House of Representatives, Al Masa Hotel, Opera, Borsa Towers, and Ministers Neighborhood. Moreover, it is close to the presidential palace.

inizio mall

inizio mall


Inizio Mall New Capital is characterized by various features, which makes it distinctive. It is going to make incredible profits for its clients, and it is going to be useful for visitors as well.

The mall is near a multitude of banks, which makes the area vibrant and busy most of the time. Therefore, any business at that spot is going to be thriving and promising.

Inizio Mall New Cairo comprises seven floors, in addition to a ground floor. The design of the units and the façade will make the mall so captivating to the extent that you will feel as if you are at a hotel.

Inizio Mall New Capital includes clinical and administrative units only. There will be a waste room and bathrooms that will be highly equipped. On top of that, on each floor, you will find a certain staff dedicated to cleaning that floor.

Don’t worry about your fitness; there is a gym inside the mall where you can do some workouts and practice sport. It is a comprehensive gym; it contains all the devices that are essential. Additionally, there is a large hall that is specified for meetings.

inizio mall


Inizio Mall New Capital presents a plethora of services for the clients and visitors. There will be a central air conditioning system, which will guarantee a comforting ambiance where the temperature is never going to be high.

The garage will be so vast; it has a capacity of more than one hundred cars. There will be bathrooms specified for individuals with special needs.

You won’t need to order food from outside the mall; that is, there will be a lot of tasty restaurants where you can have a filling meal. Over and above that, there will be cafes in case you need some hot or fresh drinks.


Inizio New Capital offers its clients several units that vary in space, which will suit everyone. The area of the units ranges from 34 square meters to 75 square meters. Moreover, on the ground floor, the areas are different from that; space ranges from 220 square meters to 268 square meters.

inizio mall

inizio mall Prices and Payment Methods:

The payment methods and prices in Inizio Mall New Capital make it easy for the investors to obtain their units. You can only pay a 10 % down payment and pay the rest of the money by installments over eight years.

The price of the units starts from EGP 31,000 per meter. Besides, the developer has announced that the delivery will be in 2023.

In a conclusion, Inizio New Cairo is an exceptional shopping center where you will find what you need to buy; in addition, the mall is definitely going to be thriving as it is situated in a vibrant location.

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