Ivory plaza New Capital mall is wanted to be blended utilizes business, authoritative, and clinical structure serving in excess of 200,000 occupants in the encompassing zone.

By and large, its compositional plan came as two structures associated at one point and separate from others simultaneously.

This backings opportunity of development, development, and assorted variety, just as the security and lead of the different exercises of the Mall’s landowners and occupants.

ivory plaza mall

Ivory plaza New Capital Mall Location:

Ivory plaza Mall location possesses a zone of ​​6300 square meters proportionate to a zone of ​​one and a half sections of land and is situated in the core of the new managerial capital, explicitly in the MU23 region on the pivot of expectation before the R1 and R2 zones.

Subsequently, this key area makes Ivory Plaza location in the most energetic, dynamic, and swarmed region.

It additionally makes it near the Green River and the monetary and business region, just 300 meters away.

Notwithstanding being ceaselessly from the core of the Fifth Settlement by just a fourth of an hour via vehicle, and a little ways from the new show city (Expo City), and from the discretionary quarter of consulates, just ten minutes.

It ought to be noticed that the districts R1 and R2 are the two locales intended to be among the primarily populated zones in the whole new managerial capital and that gives Ivory Plaza speculation incredibly favorable circumstances.

Ivory plaza New Capital Mall Advantages:

The structure, by its temperament and compositional format, makes it multi-space and administration purposes.

The lower floors will be allotted for business purposes by giving countless various territories reasonable for business stores of various parts of the movement and their necessities.

These stores have been furnished with all essential and specialized offices to plan to get the best and most celebrated worldwide and neighborhood brands of various vital items.

Notwithstanding that a few shops on the ground floor have been assigned outside spaces to suit the exercises of eateries and bistros that need those spaces in the outdoors to finish the nature of the administration gave.

Likewise, a portion of the lower units considered the conditions and spatial divisions that business exercises, for example, banks and hypermarkets need.

ivory plaza mall

Subsequently, Ivory Plaza will give the encompassing family all the necessary family and family needs and needs without going a long way from the home.

Then again, explicit floors and the necessary hardware were apportioned to make them reasonable for regulatory exercises and crafted by organizations and other law offices.

Knowing the assortment and different areas to suit the nature and prerequisites of each.

Notwithstanding allowing every office full protection in performing business, just as giving all offices and current methods for correspondence.

The structure likewise incorporates private floors for clinical facilities of different sizes and interior divisions.

This makes it straightforward for masters to pick the unit appropriate to the thought of the clinical specialization and the capacities, gadgets, and gear required.

When all is said in done, Ivory Plaza offers every one of its customers and clients a business community with at any rate a couple of meeting rooms.

Notwithstanding a smaller than expected meeting room that incorporates all the offices and current broad media innovation.

This is notwithstanding a help community that incorporates a Business Lounge, and underground carports for vehicles.

So as to ask portion and exit to and from the spot, it will likewise contain a rec center and spa with the most recent global hardware.

The whole venture gives ultra-quick web access and works for the duration of the day, and it likewise gives a cutting edge arrangement of focal cooling and sun-powered vitality.

Ivory plaza New Capital Mall prices, Spaces, and Payment Systems:

• The shops of Ivory plaza New Capital mall start from 100 square meters.

• The authoritative office and clinical facility spaces start from 75 square meters.

• All units will be conveyed to completely completed proprietors.

• Regarding ivory plaza prices and installment frameworks, it is just 5% installment as an agreement supplier, at that point portions as long as 7 years without intrigue within ivory plaza prices.

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