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اWhile most other real estate markets have experienced some slowdown, la verde new capital compound Egypt is known as the Corona Time and is now leading the way as a new child in the real estate investment bloc. With a long history of construction and construction companies, the new capital is now a target of smart real estate investors among us, who are looking to find the next property point.

la verde compound new capital Egypt location

Why would one look to invest in the administrative capital, unlike the current “more stable” economies and real estates markets such as Spain, France, or Cyprus? Well, the main reason must be the enormous potential for substantial long-term capital gains.

The mentioned building on which this vast project is built has indeed been considered in recent years to be one of the poorest places with a population in the world, but this is theoretically. This region has become very rich in many other ways and has a lot to offer investors and Egyptians residing abroad alike. So let’s take a quick look at what the mega-project provides us.

la verde new capital


In general, the economy of the administrative capital is relatively stable. However, the country itself has external public debt but  la verde new capital prices say the state has strong ties to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and receives substantial funding and assistance from several other countries.


With its mild, creamy and natural beauty, glorious weather all year round, perfect temperatures, and the abundance of raw materials needed for the industry and labor hands that you may want, la Verde new capital is a destination for a vast edifice that accomplishes everything you dream of for those looking for a change from Natural limited to the maximum extent possible.

It is also worth noting that many prominent media companies and specialized newspapers have been promoting this mega project.

la Verde new capital Egypt location

Although the administrative capital is new, the transportation method was undoubtedly cumbersome. However, we can now reach it in a few minutes from Cairo. Many projects have been launched to link the administrative capital with the heart of the Cairo capital and other cities of bridges and tunnels. One sentence can be said. There is no cause for concern.

Traditionally, new apartments have always been introduced with affordable la verde prices

la verde new capital

  in the new capital, and many apartments, villas and commercial units have been announced and sold thanks to the attractiveness of this type of safe investment quickly. The reason for doing this is new construction at the heart of the event in Egypt, and thanks to the Crona crisis (there is a right side in the end!), The sales market fell as fast as they used to. They had to accept to open the door to higher facilities for international and non-international buyers. Then it was like a piece of cake for us to negotiate with the owners to get the best offers in the capital (which was something that could not be thought of just a few months ago), which is why we are in a position to offer you real estate today in the heart of the administrative capital of Egypt!

la verde new capital

The advantages of investing in real estate over other investment vehicles.

Improve the financial level

Leverage is simply a good option and an excellent time to buy. Successful real estate investors study the strengths and weaknesses la verde new capital location of all investment places in general. The general rule is “borrowing to buy and sell in cash to rotate the diamond head as quickly as possible.” More leverage can make sound investment a significant investment and achieve everything an investor wants. Wise real estate investors generally search for those properties that offer the most facilities in long term payment systems

At the end of the article, we wanted to present to you a project from my point of view, its launch to the world of a new garment, so it can now be from small investors, but with study and proper planning and investing some time, effort and money that can be in the list of adults. The elements of success can be made on an Egyptian land in la Verde new capital special prices

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