Lake View

Everyone is looking for a house that has all the features required for a relaxing life. Everyone is also looking for a place that offers numerous amenities and means of entertainment. Lake View Compound is one of the unique places where you can find what you desire.

Lake View

lake view Location:

 Lake View Compound New Cairo location lies in the fifth settlement. It is two minutes away from 90th street. It is 15 minutes away from Cairo International Airport, and it’s near American University. It is behind Mivida Compound in New Cairo.

lake view location and prices:

 Because the company cares much about satisfying its clients, the buildings are not the same size. The area of the buildings at Lake View starts from 142 square meters to 272 square meters. There are apartments for sale and others for rent with affordable lake view prices.

-The apartment price starts from 2,779,000 EGP, whereas the areas start from 122 m² to 321 m².

-The apartment + garden price starts from 1,839,000 EGP, and the areas range from 122 m² to 191 m².

-The apartment + roof price starts from 3,961,000 EGP, and the areas range from 266 m² to 272 m².

-The penthouse price starts from 6,600,000 EGP, whereas the areas start from 272 m² to 321 m².

Lake View

What makes Lake View offbeat?   

   Lake View Residence was established by the world distinguished Greek architectural firm ISV architects.

   It covers an area of 311608 square meters. The compound land is occupied by greenery, artificial lakes, and residential units. But 73% of the area is specified for green space and lakes, whereas the buildings occupy 22% of the land.

  Lake View Compound was established for those who seek quietness and peace of mind. It was set up to keep its residents away from the city noise and to provide them all the amenities and services they need.

    It is designed with the aim of achieving welfare for all the inhabitants. On top of that, all the residential units overlook green spaces and artificial lakes. It is not something you see everywhere; it’s amazing to wake up and enjoy the view of the lakes in the morning or even have meals on the terrace while looking at the lakes.

   Lake View Compound New Cairo consists of 118 buildings, and each building consists of a ground floor in addition to four other floors.

 The developer used ultra-modern glass to guarantee that the residents will take pleasure to the most in looking at the natural views and lakes.

   Lake View Compound New Cairo is near a market area, which covers an area of 40,000 square meters. It consists of a variety of shops, international chains, high-end local brands, several cafes and restaurants, and many more.

   This nearby retail spot includes a mall, which is not designed for shopping and dining only, but it will be a destination where families who have children can spend a wonderful time.

  Lake View Compound has various features that distinguish it from any other compound. There are swimming pools in different areas. You can connect to the internet. Additionally, all the residential units are provided with an air-conditioning system of high quality. There are garages with automatic gates; besides, the guards secure the compound day and night.


  The terraces in Lake View Compound are unique, and it’s what makes the compound distinctive. The terraces are spacious and of diverse and modern designs. You can literally spend a great time with your family on the terrace, which overlooks the gorgeous lakes.

 In a nutshell, Lake View compound New Cairo provides you with services and essential amenities to the extent that you would not feel that something is missing. Besides, it will make you feel like you are in a chalet near the sea.