The Midtown Solo compound for manors just in the new regulatory capital is one of the dispatches of “Diminish Home” for land advancement, as it is the fourth venture for the organization in the new authoritative capital, and the compound offers the advantage of lodging in an air of security, quiet and modernity, in light of the fact that the idea of the undertaking is Specialization in free estates is spatial as it were.

Why Midtown Solo New Capital?

Midtown Solo, the new managerial capital directly before the Expo City and only minutes from the church building and the biggest mosque, It ignores the Green River straightforwardly, the biggest park on the planet as it extends along the new authoritative capital, this is to guarantee the most extreme solace for the client, his satisfaction in green spaces and the restoration of characteristic air in the capital.

An alternate and unmistakable compound than some other compound in Egypt, along these lines, on the off chance that you are searching for an estate or condo in a better place and particular from some other place and be among the principal individuals in the new regulatory capital, Midtown is the most ideal decision for you and your family, Midtown Mostakbal City, Midtown door to another world for a genuine life.

Midtown Solo compound

Advantages of Living at Midtown:

Midtown Compound is likewise near the well-known Al Massa Hotel where he appreciates, Midtown Solo, the new regulatory capital, extremely special area in the core of the new authoritative capital, near the conciliatory quarter, it is the most extravagant and urbanized spot in the new managerial capital.

Midtown Solo New Capital gives a wide range of administrations that meet all yearnings and wants, which makes the task an incorporated city in its own right, and among the most renowned administrations gave are yards to the most popular bistros and nearby and worldwide eateries, coordinated business region, club House, a huge region committed to youngsters’ games for their

wellbeing and security, rec center Equipped with the most recent global gear, gym and spa with the most recent present day innovations for unwinding and normal medicines, open zones for grills and private gatherings, wide regions and zones described by quiet and uniqueness among the green territories for every day by day action in an environment of protection and solace, a world-class clinical focus prepared and oversaw, wide green spaces, pools of various sizes and shapes, dispersed all through the venture, security and guarding 24 hours, private stopping for the occupants of the compound, fake nurseries and wellsprings and fake lakes.

Midtown Solo

Midtown Solo Location: 

The Midtown Solo Better Home location undertaking is situated in the most recognized area in the new authoritative capital, disregarding the southern hub of Mohammed receptacle Zayed, , neglecting the green stream legitimately, and on the normal among the most significant zones of the new capital, as it is near the separation to the show city (Expo), Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque and the Church of Milad Al-Sayed Christ and Al Masa Hotel. The task is only a short way from the Presidential Palace and the Capital Administrative Airport, and furthermore just a short way from the conciliatory quarter and the Al Masa Hotel.

Midtown Solo Prices and Payment System:

The extents of the manors in the MidTown Solo task vary to suit all buying forces and exceptional wants, as the estates start from 350 square meters to 600 square meters. what’s more, about the installment the proprietor follows through on 10% of the absolute unit cost as an agreement supplier, at that point the rest of the sum is isolated into 6 years in equivalent portions and without intrigue, the expense of general support is 7.5% of the estate cost and conveyance of all manors inside just 4 years from the date of agreement within Midtown SOLO prices.


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