Mivida New Cairo is considered one of the modern communities set up by Emaar, which is the developer of some other projects such as Marassi.

Find your luxurious home with Mivida New Cairo

Mivida New Cairo has a sectacular location in New Cairo. It is near the American University, and it takes only 20 minutes to reach Cairo International Airport. It is in close proximity to 90 street and Cairo – Suez road. It is one of Emaar’s stunning communities.

Mivida Emaar gives priority to the satisfaction of its inhabitants. Emaar offers a variety of fully finished units, using materials of premium quality. There are villas, town houses, and apartments.

Mivida Compound New Cairo areas range from 120 square meters to 390 square meters. You don’t have to pay a down payment; additionally, the payment plans expand up to 8 Years, with starting price 3000000 EGP.

mivida new cairo

It’s an integrated community, which combines the lifestyle of the tranquil suburb with the vibrancy of urban life. It’s not something you find everywhere. People hardly ever find a place, in which modernity is in harmony with nature.

Mivida has a distinctive set of amenities including educational and healthcare facilities, in addition to a hotel, a vital town centre, and a business park. You have an access to every imaginable convenience.

You won’t feel that something is missing; you can work, live, and play in this integrated community. The developer cares much about meeting the different lifestyles, which the clients desire. Consequently, the developer concentrates on all the quality standards of living, including essential necessities and special opulence.


There are ballrooms, an outstanding spa, a gym, a swimming pool, lounges, and scrumptious restaurants. On top of that, there is a hotel in Mivida New Cairo, which will maintain vibrancy within the compound.

Everybody requires health care, so Mivida hospital offers you the most respected and qualified staff of doctors, decent management, and nurses.

mivida new cairo

Exquisite Parks and Nature

You will immediately forget the awful noise and the horrible cacophony of city life when you contemplate the natural landscapes in Mivida new cairo

Mivida’s central park is a suitable place if you adore quietness. There are gorgeous water projects, and the park is so glamorous and suitable for families and singles as well.

The green walking trails in Mivida New Cairo encourages you to explore the pine forests and lavender gardens. So you can spend a wonderful time among the pleasant pine playgrounds. The central park in Mivida covers an area of 133546 square meters.

Shopping Boulevard 

The Town Center in Mivida is the most vibrant and vital part in the compound because it’s a suitable place for people to go shopping, work, and spend recreation time in a comfortable and secure ambience.

You’ll find pleasure in shopping as the Shopping Boulevard offers an exceptional shopping experience. The Town Center also has a pedestrian-only street, where you can have a unique outdoor dining.


Business Park

The Mivida business park covers an area of 150,000 square meters, which will definitely improve your mood and reduce stress. Besides, there are attractive outdoor food and beverage areas and spacious meeting rooms.

The Community Management has a certain task; they must be sure that the image of services, timeliness, and quality exceed your expectations. That’s why there is “WeCare,” which is a dedicated and personalized online customer care platform in Mivida NEW cairo . It is available 24 hours. WeCare makes certain that queries, suggestions, and complaints, are heard and dealt with efficiently and quickly.

mivida new cairo

To conclude, everything at Emaar is taken in consideration, offering residents a lifestyle that is second to none. It is time to choose your dream home.


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