Have you envisioned buying a holiday home?

If so, you might have been thinking about nearby holiday resorts where you can easily go for a long weekend or spend the whole summer. Although this is not a terrible plan, it is safer to purchase a new Alamein holiday home in the north edge towers

When you buy a vacation home in the new Northern Edge Towers of El Alamein, you will get amazing vacations every time you visit the village. In addition, there are many resorts nearby that you can explore regularly. Not to mention, the sun almost shines throughout the year in the northern edge towers of New Alamein, so you won’t have to worry about the rain affecting your vacation.

north edge towers new alamein

Services and facilities provided by the new northern edge towers of El Alamein

  • International park.
  • A huge mosque.
  • A huge church.
  • World War Cemeteries.
  • New schools and universities.
  • Sports clubs.
  • Commercial centers.
  • Amusement Park.

Ways to buy and pay to get the residential unit

  • Pay the reservation provider.
  • Pay 10% of the unit value after 3 months.
  • Installment of the remainder of the unit value over 7 years

north edge towers new alamein

Reasons to buy in north edge towers new Alamein

1- north edge towers Buying a holiday home in Hawaii appears to be the easiest place to raise money as easily as feasible, rather than the ideal option to earn extra profit, but once you invest in a vacation home in Hawaii, you also have the opportunity to create a substantial income. The explanation for that is that you should only reserve your holiday home while you are not using it. Hawaii is a year-round holiday hot spot for individuals around the world, so finding interested parties to rent your home will not be hard at all. For a fact, people pay large prices to reserve a Hawaiian holiday home for their holidays so that you would benefit tremendously from this.

2-It might seem that buying a vacation home in Hawaii is the best way to spend money as quickly as possible rather than the best way to generate additional income. Still, when you invest in a vacation home in north edge towers new Alamein, you will be able to .

get a great income. The reason for this is that you can rent your vacation home when you are not using it. El Alamein is a year-round vacation hot spot for individuals all over the world, so it will never be difficult to find interested parties to rent your home. Additionally, individuals pay high rates for renting a vacation home on the North Coast for their vacation, and they will benefit greatly from this. All you need to do is list your holiday home in El Alamein with a variety of vacation rental locations in El Alamein Towers

While these are some of the surprising reasons why you are buying a home in north edge towers new Alamein, there are thousands of other reasons ahead to explore.

north edge towers new alamein

Mazarin El-Alamein New Compound

  • The new north edge towers project provides a lot of housing units, which number approximately 296 units.
  • It is distinguished by its diversity between chalets and twin house villas, starting from 165 square meters.
  • As for the area of ​​two shrines, which is about 72 acres, of the total area, which is 702 acres, the rest is allocated.
  • For green spaces, artificial lakes, and other services, which are supermarkets.
  • Shops, cinemas, generators, recreational places for both adults and children, garages, and a disposal system.
  • Waste, as well as a modern advanced telecommunications and optical fiber system.
  • Mazarin El-Alamein New Compound is the first of its kind, as it overlooks the sea directly.
  • Because it features a private beach with a width of 635 m, and it is one of the latest real estate investment projects that have been launched.
  • And the reservation system that starts for chalets starts from 150 thousand pounds.

In conclusion, we hope to help you with how to buy your second home. Everyone knows how difficult this choice is from additional expenses and in the article we have provided some of the solutions that can help in providing some material resources that encourage you to buy an apartment in north edge towers new Alamein


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