One of the largest projects in the fifth settlement, Cairo. Where a distinctive location in the heart of El Teseen street. Thanks to the landmark company for Architecture, that helps in producing a real model Of modernism of the century. We know can benefit From it and feel that we become near to Universality. That is exactly what introduced by one 90 Mall. Through this article, we will be identified about All information related to this project.

one 90 mall

Location of one 90 mall

To have such a place with all high qualifications. Choosing a distinctive place is must have existed. So The owner company has insisted to choose El Teseen Street to contain the location of one 90 mall. The place Is distinctive by being among the most important Routes to make moving from the place and backing To it is easy and has no difficulties.

  • -The location is 20 minutes apart from Heliopolis And 10 minutes apart from El Madii.
  • -One 90 mall is also very near to the new location of the American university, just 10 minutes apart.
  • -Reaching Al Rehab city is just 20 minutes away From one 90 Mall.
  • Shortly the location is distinctive by its nearing most Residential architectures.

Space of one 90 Mall

Being established on about 82 acres in a great space Which is enough for dividing this space into Important and different units.

-The mall contains a huge number of administrative, Medical, and trade units. And all these units have a variety of spaces that are appropriate to all Customers.

-The one 90 Mall consists of 6 floors, the first floor Contains administrative units, the second one Contains trade units, and the third one contains a Great number of medical clinics. In addition to the Number of elegant hotel apartments.

Advantages and services of one 90 Mall

Actually specifying such a space for setting this mall, Is surely a marked prove of containing this mall of Important services and advantages. And here are an Explaining of these ones:-

  • -Inside the one 90 Mall, there is an elegant reception And office that its work is related only to customer Services and answering all their inquiries.
  • -Conference room for holding meetings.
  • -There is a team that is responsible for ruling all the Buildings of the mall.
  • -Inside the mall, there is a wide range of green Spaces surrounding all the buildings by putting a Beauty touch on it.
  • -A sports club with all qualifications that must be Found in elegant ones.
  • -There is a medical clinic for emergency cases.
  • -There is a special walkway for those who practice Running and walking sport.
  • -Generators are available inside one 90 Mall to work in Emergency cases.
  • -A special room is available for praying and another One for ablution obligation.
  • -Security system for keeping the place be always Safe.

one 90 mall

Prices of units in one 90 Mall project

Although there are lots of services, still the owner Company has the desire to introduce facilities to Her Customers. Through introducing a variety of Prices, therefore attract clients and investors to buy Units Inside this project.

He first phase of this project is consisting of 6 Buildings, so the customer can choose the Appropriate one for him, further he/she can choose one of the payment systems which are available to Him. And here are the payment systems:

  • – First system the customer can pay 10% as Prepayment of the whole cost, then paying 5% after 3 months of the contract. Therefore the rest of the cost Can be paid as installments for 5 years.
  • – The second one, paying 15% prepayment for the Chosen unit, then paying 10% after 3 months from The date of setting the contract, and the rest cost Will be paid as equal installments for 6 years.


Finally, one 90 Mall Cairo saves all that you are looking For to make you encouraged to start your project With full power and motivation, therefore feel the World in the heart of your hands.

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