A new different project which introduces integrated Services especially for the medical field. And for all People who live in the fifth settlement, new Cairo. Having more of the medical units with international Designs is what makes this project be a distinctive one. To be encouraged to take the step of booking a unit In Ozone mall shopping mall new Cairo, we should First know About it, therefore decide. And this Article will help In deciding its Information.

Ozone mall

About the location of Ozone mall

Distinctively, the project enjoys so strategy, Elegant location. Where located in the services Area, among the El Nargs sector. Where the greatest Population lies. Nearing El Teseen street and Fatma Al Sharbtly mosque. Also, being near the Most vital areas and important cities. Such as the following:

-10 minutes apart from the German university in Cairo.

-15 minutes apart from an American university.

-15 minutes apart from El Rehab city.

-25 minutes apart from Heliopolis.

-25 minutes apart from Nasr city.

Further, Ozone mall is located near most important Compounds in fifth settlement and new Cairo, and Here are most of them:

-7 minutes apart from the like view compound.

-10 minutes apart from the Arabella compound.

-11 minutes apart from Moon valley compound.

Ozone mall

Ozone mall space

A huge space is specified for establishing the Ozone Mall shopping mall. About 18,000 square meters is The space Where the project is located. And their Differences Of spaces of the medical units to be Appropriate for Everyone and to offer more Chooses and Placements for customers who have Desired of owing A unit there.

Details of the space organizing

We can find 4 buildings for the mall which are Divided as the following:

-3 buildings include medical centers and clinics in addition to pharmacies, x-ray centers, biomedical Analysis laboratories.

-The fourth building includes a hospital that has Been provided with all materials and capacities that Are useful for serving patients.

Ozone mall

Ozone mall new Cairo location, advantages and services

The mall covers a great mass of services whether Medical or others, and that is because of its contain a trade area. And all this can be clarified as the following:

-Introducing security services on a high level of Efficiency.

-Including prepared clinics to introduce all Medical services for those who need it.

-Including moving ladders for the comfort of Patients, in addition to elevators that are prepared By medical equips to appropriate with all patients Cases.

-Existing analysis laboratories, x-ray centers, and Pharmacies to reduce the patient suffering of being Moved from one place to another.

-Ozone Mall, a shopping mall is also distinctive with Having green spaces that give the place an Inspiration and kind of relaxation in which all patients Are in great need of it.

-Inside the Ozone mall new Cairo shopping mall, some elevators work in case of cutting off Electricity, in addition to insider and outsider Lightening.

-A special area for restaurants and cafes with a high Qualified service.

Ozone mall

Prices in ozone mall, shopping mall, prices and payment systems

If you are looking for an appropriate place for Your clinic, medical center, or pharmacy, and in an Elegant place in the fifth settlement, you will find your Request in Ozone mall, shopping mall. Where the Meter price in that place is 42,000 pounds of Ozone Mall prices.

Payment systems:

-15% as prepayment, then paying 5% after six months, and the rest of the price will be paid through Installments for 72 months.

Fragment about the executed company

Ozone mall new Cairo has been prepared on a high level of success so the more think that this project belongs to a foreign company. Contrary, the Owner company is an Egyptian one which is called “The national company for ruling projects”. It is one of The greatest companies that have more years of experience in the architecture field. Year followed year And the company proves its distinctiveness through Projects introduced by its workers.


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