Recently, so many people have been looking for a tranquil place to live in. They do not only care about the size of the house only, but they also pay attention to the surroundings, services, and decorations. In Palm Hills October compound, you will find the elegance along with the basic amenities.

Palm Hills Developments:

Palm Hills Developments is a successful company in the field of real estate in Egypt. It has established a plethora of commercial and residential projects. Since it was founded in 2005, it has set up 26 outstanding projects in Egypt, such as The Crown 6 October, Palm Hills New Cairo, Palm Hills Mall, Village Gate Compound, Palm Hills Katamya, Hacienda White North Coast, Palm Hills Alexandria, and Palm Hills  compound.

Palm Hills October

Palm Hills October

Palm Hills October location: 

Palm Hills October compound is one of the biggest residential areas in 6 October city. It is regarded as a prosperous neighborhood that spans over more than 2 million square meters. The architectural designs of the buildings are in mere harmony with the offbeat landscape.


Palm Hills sheikh zayed compound is situated on Cairo-Alexandria Desert road. It is about 20 km from Lebanon Square and about 28 km from Tahrir Square. It is also near Gezira Sporting Club.


Palm Hills sheikh zayed is a distinctive compound; it is characterized by the fascinating ambiance and attractive natural views. It rises about 220 meters above the sea level, which makes the community’s environment healthy and clean. On top of that, there is a clubhouse, great golf resort, Kids’ area, in addition to swimming pools.

Moreover, there is a commercial area, a shopping center, and a spa. You can have fun and gather with your family or friends in the areas designed for celebrations and barbecues. You can also spend a lovely time watching the spectacular water fountains.

Areas and prices:

There is a variety of residential units in the Palm Hills October compound. That is, the villas and twin houses are of different spaces and prices as the developer aims to satisfy all the clients. The area of the twin houses can reach 371 m², whilst the starting price is 36,186,500 EGP.

The areas of the villas range from 248 m² to 603 m², whereas the starting price is 10,332,800 EGP. The space of the apartments in Palm Hills October compound starts from 150 m² up to 250 m², whilst the average price of the apartments can reach 4,000,000 LE.

On top of that, there are other types of residential units in the compound such as townhouses, penthouses, and duplexes. Furthermore, the payment method will enable you to get your residential unit easily; you can only pay a 10 % down payment and pay the rest of the money by installments up to 7 years.

Palm Hills October

Palm Hills sheikh zayed restaurants: 

There are many scrumptious restaurants in Palm Hills October compound. Visit “Smokery Palm Hills,” which overlooks the breathtaking golf course and the pyramids of Giza. This restaurant serves smoked salmon, chicken croquettes, salmon scallop carpaccio, and lemon shrimp.

You can also have a meal at “U Palm,” where you can enjoy Chicken Yakatori, Beef Skewers, Foie Gras Profiterole, and Tuna Tataki.

If you love Japanese cuisine, you are recommended to visit “Izakaya,” which presents an array of authentic dishes ranging from Peruvian sushi, tiraditos, and special robata grills.

Palm Hills October prices:

Palm Hills October compound prices has an exceptional and tranquil location, which makes elite Egyptians fancy getting a villa there. The prices of villas vary according to space, services, and amenities. Many owners are offering their villas for sale in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed compound. The prices range from 4 million LE to 100 million Le.

To conclude, Palm Hills October compound should be your dream home if you are craving a place with facilities and several amenities.


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