Paris mall new capital is one of the amazing projects that the Pyramids Development Company launched. It is considered one of the largest, strongest, and most recent commercials, an administrative and medical project in the heart of the new administrative capital.

Pyramids Development Company is one of the pioneer companies in the Egyptian market and the company that owns the mall. It also did a lot of projects in a short time.

paris mall

The location of Paris mall new capital

Pyramids Company gave due care to choose the best location for the project to be the strongest commercial site.

Paris mall’s new capital located in the heart of the new administrative capital, in the MU23 area between two R2 and R3 regions, it’s considered one of the most densely populated regions in the capital.  Paris Mall new capital is characterized by the new administrative capital as it is located in the main axis of hope linking the Suez road, Ain Sokhna and the central hub that connects the landmarks of the new administrative capital and is considered the largest commercial area in the whole world to establish many commercial projects that benefit in savings and investment, whether in owning a commercial store or A medical clinic or administrative office, as it is also distinguished for its location on the main street of 120 meters.

Another major street is 100 meters, and a street of 40 meters is overlooking Paris Square, the tallest tower in Africa, and the famous Main Street And next to the sports village and the Olympic City.

The location of the mall is one of its advantages, and of course, this is the main factor to increase the strength of the mall’s demand continuously Close to the business and financial district, overlooking major streets.

The location of Paris mall new capital Egypt

Paris mall’s new capital occupies the largest area of a commercial project through the entirely new administrative capital. Especially for other commercial projects and malls, as Paris Mall is held on an area of about 3 acres which means 14,100 meters.

It is divided into 9 floors, commercial, administrative and medical units, to suit all tastes, in terms of areas, prices, and methods of payment.

The project has many green spaces that control the vast majority of the entire project area and an integrated service area and public facilities.

Designs of Paris mall Pyramids Egypt

Pyramids Company gave great care for the design of its projects into the French style and the elegant style that suits all tastes. So Paris mall’s new capital was designed with construction designs and international French buildings of high taste with the help of a group of the most qualified and largest consultants and technical engineers who provide high-quality architectural artwork, very creative and distinguished.

Whether it is commercial, medical, and administrative units, they are distinctively designed and refined to suit everyone.

paris mall

Prices and areas of Paris mall new capital

It is divided into a number of commercials, administrative, and medical units that are different and vary in areas, prices, and payment methods so that it is suitable for clients and investors with very special paris mall prices.

For commercial units, the area starts from 18 meters, the price per square meter starts from 65,000 pounds to 95,000 pounds

For administrative units, the area starts from 33 meters, the price per square meter starts from 35,000 pounds to 65,000 pounds.

Paris mall Pyramids Egypt Prices and Payment methods and systems

Payment methods vary according to what suits each individual and the nature of his family.

Payment methods and systems for commercial units as follow:

  • 5% in advance payment and the rest over 8 years without interest.
  • 30% in advance payment and first payment upon receipt and the rest for 8 years

Payment methods and systems for administrative units as follow:

  • 5% in advance and the rest over 8 years without interest.
  • 20 in advance payment and first payment after receipt and the rest for 8 years.
  • 30% in advance payment and first installment after receipt and the rest for 8 years.

Features and services of Paris mall new capital

paris mall

Pyramids Company put into its consideration great attention to the services and features and great entertainment in Paris mall new capital to be an integrated project that meets all the requirements of life.

Some of the features that make the mall special:

  • It has massive green areas, gardens, and dense trees in addition to the amazing flowers which give you psychological comfort, pleasure, and calm.
  • It has enormous water areas like artificial lakes and large or small swimming pools which suit all people.
  • There are international professional restaurants and cafes.
  • The mall provides medical clinics and hospitals equipped with the latest equipment and medical supplies that work to provide health care to owners.
  • Integrated commercial areas include commercial malls and various and international brands.
  • Places for entertainment and walking.
  • Provides conference and meeting rooms.
  • 24-hour security and guarding to fully secure the mall.

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