Porto Pyramids was propelled in 2016. Porto Pyramids is a venture based on motivation. Living in a world portrayed by evolving ways of life, busier timetables and more noteworthy duties, the requirement for equalization of quiet characteristic scenes and peaceful family living has gotten fundamental to adjust the requests from the present experts. Minutes from the air terminal and the new Egyptian National Museum, Porto Pyramids is strategically placed near significant business and strip malls, to help guarantee a short drive to the workplace, or a speedy stop to get something from the nearby shops or shopping centers.


Porto Pyramids is one of the most conspicuous vacationer land ventures built up by the Porto Group Real Estate Development Group, and it is one of the undertakings that made this land bunch ascend to the seat and achieve wide distinction in the realm of building and development of visitor resorts, as it has an understanding for a long time in this field, and had the option to It has demonstrated to be the best lately.

porto pyramids

 Why Porto Pyramids Compound?

 Porto Pyramids contains numerous favorable circumstances that make you need to claim a lodging unit in light of the numerous administrations it contains, and among the most significant of these points of interest contains numerous administrations, for example, Landscape, which is the most significant thing that recognizes Porto Pyramids from different retreats in Egypt, pool, play areas, exceptional zones for climbing and arriving at a length of around a thousand meters, which made it the longest track in Egypt, The nearness of a whole shopping center that incorporates a great deal of eateries, bistros and shops that incorporate the most rich worldwide brands, the nearness of carports for vehicles can incorporate around 12 thousand vehicles, notwithstanding the profoundly talented and world class client care, The distinction in the lodging units of the retreat, and the nearness of an inn in the compound containing 66 rooms, The stunning structure of the item, which gives a sentiment of delight, solace and qualification, The nearness of the hotel in crucial vacationer regions because of its vicinity to the pyramids of Giza notwithstanding its closeness to different business and business focuses, Payment portion framework.

 Advantages of Living at Porto Pyramids: 

Porto Pyramids Resort is described by a huge zone dedicated to green places and administrations accessible in the retreat. At first, it contains recreational administrations, as there are various pools of various sizes and various mechanical wellsprings. It likewise contains a colossal shopping center with numerous shops and the moving wellspring. Inside the Pyramids compound, there is lodging with a huge limit of around 60 rooms, with a huge clubhouse. What’s more, a huge zone track is likewise named the longest track in the Arab Republic of Egypt, it additionally has many major marked eateries and bistros finally, in the highlights of Porto Pyramids, it has a great view from a separation, it is portrayed by the excellence of nature, quiet and alluring.


Porto Pyramids Resort is situated at kilo 6 of the Alexandria Desert Road, This area is extremely extraordinary, as it is a couple of moments from the core of Cairo, the capital, the arrival of the Porto Group gathering to the area of the Porto Pyramids to demonstrate that its viewpoint is the best in the ongoing time frame, even in picking the area of the venture that made it with this travel industry venture, the gathering had the option to demonstrate that it is the land organization that positions first in Egypt as well as in the whole Middle East, and we will see numerous focal points in the Porto Pyramids venture.

porto pyramids

 Porto Pyramids Payment System: 

 Porto Pyramids provide the strategy for installment, the Porto Group encouraged its clients and concluded that solitary 10% of the cost of the lodging unit be paid as an authoritative installment. 10% is paid for routine support at the retreat; the unit is to be conveyed inside 6 years from the date of reservation.