When you decide to buy a house, you first think about its space, location, advantages, and price. When you decide to have your own home you must also consider the quality of neighbors and the way of life.

In Sarai New Cairo you can say with all satisfaction that I got my dream home.

Sarai  is a new compound in New Cairo, Which located on the Cairo-Suez Road. it is 15 minutes away from the Ring Road, 10 from the AUC Campus, and 5 from the New Capital, as well as near Suez road and New Cairo’s greatest attractions.

As the owner company of Sarai New Cairo wished to serve you a different point of view about the idea of the ordinary home, They decided Sarai New Cairo be away from all the City’s noise and pollution.

Sarai New Cairo Was created by Madinet Nasr housing & development company. Which known as One of the leading real estate construction companies. The main objective of the company is to develop and build around 988.42 acres of land from the total area of Nasr City and other neighboring lands within the Cairo border.

The compound consists of 3 stages, The first one was delivered three months before its delivery date.

Once you have booked your condo in Sarai New Cairo you will enjoy the following benefits:-

The lively location of the city, Sarai is located on Egypt’s Suez Road, near the New administrative capital and Madinaty

Integrated City: Sarai compound area is 1,250 acres, only 18% of it has been built with the rest of the space dedicated to the Lund Skip and the service facilities to make you at the Centre of a full-service city.

The units in Sarai compound vary between villas (70% of the buildings), apartments and duplex, With spaces starting at 56 square meters and ending at 400 square meters. Longest repayment period: You can book your unit at 0% feet with a 10-year installment.

Sarai New Cairo compound

Why Sarai New Cairo is the best compound for your kids?

In Sarai, there are many clubs and Gyms which offer all the fun methods for your children without going outside the compound. The compound‛s designers Created parks and children’s entertainment areas with a large number of recreational games.

Many large commercial leagues are built in the middle of the project, which makes your kids feel like in a complete living area. Sarai has a large number of international schools and university, This is to provide services to all the inhabitants of the project at the highest level.

Sarai New Cairo compound

Services of Sarai New Cairo Compound

The compound gives numerous uncommon administrations so numerous individuals consider it from the most excellent and the foremost critical ventures which were developed in Unused Cairo, and from its services:

  • International hotels
  • equestrian centers
  • Sports activities
  • Green Spaces
  • Water stations and artificial lakes.
  • Swimming pools
  • business and administrative services.
  • Safe and secure all day, plus surveillance cameras.

Sarai New Cairo compound

Residential units areas in Sarai New Cairo Compound:

  • *Apartment (126m – 136m) with 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, and reception room.
  • * Apartment(165m -206m) with 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, and reception room.

Prices and payment systems at Sarai:

  • Unit rates at the Sarai Compound are very convenient and offer you value for money. The prices of the units in Sarai start at 10,000 L.E.

What are you waiting for? Book your unit in Sarai New Cairo now with the number below the article and never miss the chance to live the luxury life in all its shapes.


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