Scenario new capital is one of the enormous venture extends in New Capital city, it fills in as a lavish lifestyle of a 5-star inn in lofts with moderate costs, the solace and smoothness that Scenario gives its remarkable administrations make it the ideal spot for you to live in.

SCENARIO New Capital Compound is caring about furnish the best with the most recent and best worldwide structural plans, and with it you will end up in an alternate world as though you moved over the landmasses of the world, yet you are inside the compound, particularly Scenario New Capital It won’t make you look any longer. We are sitting tight for you to be an accomplice in the worldwide structure of Akam, Administrative capital situation your best spot and dream home for you with Akam is the ideal decision for you. Situation New Capital Akam is your new home and your splendid future currently own in the situation of the capital and let us makes the brilliant future together.
Scenario Compound Location:

SCENARIO Compound has one of the most unmistakable areas in R7 region in New Capital city. It lays close to all the fundamental fascination focuses in the city as Masa Hotel, Il Bosco compound and some more. SCENARIO New Capital Compound site is near numerous fundamental spots in the regulatory capital, including Capital Administrative Airport, Presidential Palace, British college, The Green River, Embassy region, Cathedral Church, before the show city. How close the site to the most popular spots in the regulatory capital, as it draws near: El Bosco Administrative Capital and Al Massa Hotel, Scenario compound site was picked cautiously by the biggest architects and creators where the executing organization attempted to make the site perhaps the greatest favorable position and administrations that the venture appreciates. it is additionally intrigued by the entirety of its undertakings on the site since it realizes that it is one of the essential needs of each person.


Advantages of Living at Scenario Compound:

There are likewise many, numerous highlights and administrations that you will just discover in the compound of the situation of the managerial capital

SCENARIO Compound inside Egyptian land in the authoritative capital, the organization likewise attempts to address all issues and necessities for you and your family, SCENARIO Compound offer numerous types of assistance and highlights that you will just discover in the compound of the situation of the managerial capital, so you won’t discover anything like it aside from in the situation of the capital, SCENARIO organization thought that about the amusement side, In a different universe altogether different, as though you moved over the landmasses of the world, yet you are inside your own compound, It will be inside your home in an alternate universe of urbanization and modernity, aside from the particular arrangements in the Walk and the entire family, Cafes and eateries, spa, rec center, sauna, jacuzzi, club house, and when you overlook the most significant viewpoint, it additionally care about the instructive segment, so Akam took incredible consideration of it and made a point to pick the best colleges, worldwide schools and colleges to guarantee the eventual fate of the East have not overlooked any side, as they were quick to build up, An incorporated private network in all logical, recreational and social headings, Scenario New Capital Compound keen on giving the best the most recent and best advances and global engineering plans and with it you will get yourself notwithstanding Services possess the biggest zone in situation new capital, where the compound incorporates shopping center, Security and watchman for the duration of the day, green territories, pool, Grilling zone, Cinemas, Stage, Children event congregation, Sport club, Restaurants and bistros, Gym and spa focuses, Commercial region, Scenarios costs, Clubhouse, The biggest drug stores and emergency clinics, The situation of the fantastic managerial capital situation, The special structure of the compound, Various zones of private units.

scenarioScenario Compound Prices:

The organization has reported the costs of a compound situation appropriate for everybody. In the event that you contrast it and administrations, highlights, and wide zone, you will end up paying for the unit cost just, Scenario costs are the most minimal costs in the regulatory capital as it were. You should simply take advantage of the lucky break and save your unit, Akam put all its past thoughts and encounters in the situation new capital venture so as to be a contender among many neighboring mixes.

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