serrano new capital Compound

In Serrano intensify the new regulatory capital another life will start and you will live in a private world brimming with protection, advancement, and serenity and away from the customary life found in other private networks in light of the fact that Serrano aggravates the new authoritative capital, it will give you the existence you long for the New Plan organization has dealt with the compound Serrano the new managerial cash-flow to make light of from the populace thickness that the undertaking thickness is progressively precise to give more security, quiet and mental solace and lessen the swarming in the city and commotion, an increasingly familial network.

Serrano Compound, the new land organization, which speaks to its most recent urban activities inside the managerial capital, has propelled the venture, which incorporates all the subtleties and necessities that every individual requires, the task was set up on a region of 15 sections of land and exploited the biggest territory of services, there is the Serrano Compound in the core of the capital in the region R7.

The New Plan organization attempted to make the location of the Serrano New Capital one of the significant focal points appreciated by the undertaking, so I made it in the core of the funding to observe all the administrations and highlights that are honored with it and in nearness to all the indispensable spots that add to the compound splendid shimmer, greatness and independence.

Advantages of Living at serrano new capital Compound

 Why Serrano Compound?

Serrano is intended for the most significant level of advancement and extravagance the organization tries to change the ordinary way of life it is utilized to, Serrano, the new regulatory capital, contains 17 lodging units of various sizes, with the goal that everybody can locate the correct space for the taste they long for, the organization dealt with the rigid assurance of everyone inside the compound, as it made the width of the road cross 80 meters, which causes you to feel without a care in the world, away from the commotion, All penthouse units in Serrano new capital Egypt have their own pool.

Get your unit inside Serrano compound completely got done with cooling establishment, Serrano compound administrations the new managerial capital, Serrano appreciates numerous administrations, as the organization has assigned about 80% of the all-out region that the venture appreciates, including green territories, shifted unit spaces, Serrano compound area highlighted, many pools, including for ladies, the most renowned cafés, the best bistros, mechanical lakes, a tremendous shopping center, amusement park for kids, track running and strolling, park everyone, business and regulatory structure, security, and watchman for the duration of the day, gardens, current present-day plans, social rec center, library. What’s more, different administrations that the organization was quick to have with the goal for Serrano to be the new authoritative capital, a stage, and fair interface for its first business in the regulatory capital.

Advantages of Living at serrano new capital Compound

 Advantages of Living at Serrano Compound:

The road see at the Serrano Compound is around 80 meters away, which will tell you that you are all alone and make the most of your full security, the fundamental street is the Compound, with numerous administrations, most remarkably 2 gas stations, a clinical focus and a school locale, Compound Serrano offers all the space for clients, from studio, condos, penthouse and duplex to pick every customer to suit his needs, New Plan Company likewise spearheaded the idea of the Penthouse, where every unit has its own pool, each working in the Compound Serrano has 2 lifts and every job has a fantastic scratch for garbage, Serrano also has numerous administrations, spa, rec center, library and play areas for a wide range of sports to engage our kids, all units at the Serrano New capital location have a radiant and unmistakable view, unit spaces in the compound beginning from 160 square meters, however in the event that you are searching for manors for guaranteed conveyance there are estates available to be purchased in the compound of the perfect goal.

Serrano New Capital Prices:

Compound Serrano New capital Egypt prices Luxury lofts in the best area in the new capital, costs are excellently contrasted with other private mixes in the new capital, Where the cost of Unit cost from A from 1,710,000 EGP, contrasted with the remainder of the mixes just condos situated in a similar zone is the seventh private neighborhood, The Serrano New capital offers the most minimal costs in the new capital while simultaneously the most significant level of administration, the Serrano venture offers simple installment frameworks which are among the best installment frameworks in the new regulatory capital, including, Payment of 10% of the store the rest of the parts more than 7 years, Payment of 15% unforeseen development and the rest of the portions more than 8 years.

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