Sun Capital compound Arabia holding by Arabia Group which is an Egyptian organization that was set up 27 years back, Focusing to convey land extends in novel areas ensuring its customers base 3 principles included qualities (best areas, conveyance on schedule and great structures that convey the best way of life),

The organization geological circulation was in New Cairo followed by north coast, presently we are moving to sixth of October with a monstrous advancement venture. Presently,

we’re developing to get one of the top driving 10 organizations in the land, the conveyed ventures shift from youth activities to a class mixes.

Sun Capital

Sun Capital

Sun Capital compound Arabia holding by Arabia Group

Started in 2015, Sun Capital compound Egypt location undertaking was stamped and supported by H.E. President Abdel Fatah Elsisi during Egypt’s first Economic Forum, inside seeing the ministers of Housing, Tourism, and Investment to be the fundamental private region headway adventure in association with the Egyptian Government. Broadening more than 550 areas of land in the center of the world’s most critical human progressions.

Sun Capital 6 October is the world’s latest extension of an all-out metropolitan city named the New Touristic Capital of Egypt, where life, business, and redirection are consolidated. Sun Capital City is separated into 15 parts which suit all the required fragments of administrations, offices, and courtesies empowering tenants and occupants to be in the region to all their regular and business needs.

The errand is isolated into 2 standard portions; a private part that offers a wide extent of things and a business mixed-use area which will be the crown jewel of the endeavor. The 2 zones are separated by a 50 meters wide essential, making sure about the selectiveness of the private part from the blended use region.

Sun capital compound location is a short ride from wherever in Cairo, feeling like a world away, Sun Capital is settled inside the city’s prospering new traveler center. One of among looked for after fields around, simple access to various thruways and significant lanes puts everything Cairo brings to the table inside only a couple of moments reach.

Extended more than 557 sections of land in full perspective on the Giza Pyramids, Sun Capital is the place unrestrained lifestyle, business, and diversion choices unite.

At the center of Sun Capital’s unique system is the Sun Piazza, an open space that goes with world-class retail, unwinding spaces that grants outside living to spring to life among more than 1 million square meters of extravagant greenery with exceptional sun capital prices.

Sun Capital

 Sun Capital 6 October Compound Private Details:

The private stages convey more than 12,000 units, 6 stages spreading more than 335 acres Club-house: 5.02 acres sitting above 1KM of an open perspective on the scene, what’s more, water highlights; incorporates Spa – GYM – Fully coordinated sports offices – Meeting room – attendant – Ballrooms – Venture will be running from studios, lofts, remain solitary manors, twin houses, and stupendous family homes. Interconnected walker system: In the %100 of the assignment hard and fast zone, occupants can move from the private dare to the mixed-use adventure with no boulevards or vehicle correspondence with respect to sun capital prices.

This can reach from 6 KM up to 10 KM reliant on the course task throughout. All the recently referenced spaces are approximated yet the closest to this present reality with very special sun capital prices.

 Sun Capital City Location:

Sun Capital compound is located on the 6th of October City, closest Sphinx worldwide air terminal 15 mins drive by means of Fayoum rd.

to Remaya Sqr, to Cairo Alex high way. Egyptian Grand Museum: 5 mins drive from Fayoum road to the main entrance from Remaya Sqr. Zewail City: 2mins drive, via Zewail City street.

Shopping center of Egypt: 5mins by means of Wahat street. Mina House Hotel and Pyramids VIP doors: 6 mins through Fayoum rd. Infinite Village 3 mins through Zewail City rd.

Shrewd Village: 12 min using Cairo Alex rd. from Remaya Sqr. Sheik Zayed City: 10 mins utilizing Wahat rd. Local Ring Road entrance: 2 mins. 26th July Central Corridor: 10 mins through Fayoum rd. Eldaaba Corridor: 15 mins by means of Fayoum rd.

Fundamental open passage for the Pyramids-5min through Fayoum rd.New Capital: 45mins via new ring road (Regional Ring Rd).

Central Cairo: 20 mitts via Fayoum rd. Cairo International Airport: 25 mins via ring road to Salah Salem. Fifth Settlement (tagamo3): 30 min. via ring road to 90th street.


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