Swan Lake New Cairo is one of the exceptional residences. It was established by Hassan Allam Properties in cooperation with Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo (WATG), which is one of the world’s best designers.


Swan Lake New Cairo is located on Suez road after Mirage city. It is not remote from the major destinations of Cairo; however, it is a tranquil residence and devoid of noise and crowdedness.

You can easily reach the American University, Cairo International Airport, Heliopolis, the New Administrative Capital, Al Rehab, and also  Katameya.

Swan Lake

Swan Lake New Cairo features and services:

Swan Lake New Cairo Residences incorporate many neighborhoods. It covers an area of 1.86155 square kilometers. The construction of Swan Lake Residence ended in 2009. The residential units occupy a little proportion of the land, and the rest of the land is specified for landscapes and amenities.

There are private gates, and the boulevards are 30 meters wide. Fascinating greenery dominate the residence. There are areas dedicated for leisure activities. The outer gates are 3 meters high. There are sports clubs, football pitches, outdoor and indoor pools, tennis courts.

Moreover, there are paths for pedestrians and others for bicycles. As the name suggests, Swan Lake New Cairo is full of impressive artificial lakes all over the residence.

The villas price starts from 5,500,000 EGP, whereas the townhouses price starts from 3,600,000 EGP. The twin houses price starts from 4,100,000 EGP. You can only pay 5% down payment and 10% after 3 months, and then pay equal installments over 6 years.


Swan Lake Katameya:

It is a compound in front of Petro Sport Stadium, and near Swan Lake New Cairo residence. You can reach it through the Ring Road easily. It covers an area of 433013 square meters. It offers 182 villas designed in the Spanish style. Each villa is surrounded by a number of trees, which guarantees the privacy of the clients.

Moreover, there are splendid artificial lakes, at which you can look from the balconies. There are restaurants, cafes, a sports club, a hyper market, and swimming pools.


Swan Lake


The Giselle :

It is a sub-project inside Swan Lake New Cairo residence. It has been established recently by Hassan Allam Properties. There are opulent townhouses, villas, and twin houses, and all of them are spacious with modern designs.

The Giselle is not totally isolated from Swan Lake residence as it has access to the facilities there such as the gym, the retail area, in addition to the recreational facilities. It also incorporates trails for jogging and cycling.


The Silena

The Selina is also a sub-project inside Swan Lake New Cairo. It covers an area of 141,984 square meters. The residential units only represent 57% of the land, whereas 43% is specified for roads and landscapes.

In The Selina community you will appreciate the offbeat views; besides, there are ample lawn areas, gathering areas, and kids’ playgrounds.


The Iris:

The Iris is an apartment residence in Swan Lake New Cairo. The name “Iris” means a colourful garden flower, which denotes the fascinating natural surroundings.  It spreads over 93,487 square meters, and includes ten apartment buildings.

You will adore the sensuous landscape around each building. The interior of the apartments is impressively ornate. There is a central park that covers an area of 18,849 square meters.

There are trails for pedestrians and for jogging; moreover, residents can walk to the commercial area at Swan Lake New Cairo residence.

Swan Lake


In a conclusion, Swan Lake New Cairo offers exceptional life, and you have the option to choose one of the various neighborhoods that exist within the major residence area. Besides, if you are staying at any of the various communities, you can easily reach the vital and recreational facilities at Swan Lake New Cairo residence.


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