Axis compound

This article is going to be your guide to know more about the Axis compound.

Most people pursue a neighborhood where they can be safe and find all the basic amenities they need; in addition, they seek quietness and entertainment. Axis compound provides people with almost everything they desire.


The Axis compound IWAN:

IWAN for Investment and Development plays a great role in the Egyptian real estate market. It is the developer of the Axis compound. IWAN focuses on innovation and cares about the smallest details in order to meet the expectations of the clients.

IWAN concentrates on perfection and excellence; besides, it aims to be distinguished from any other developers. It also has many successful projects that prove its supremacy, such as Vida, Atrio, and Jeera.

The Axis compound

The Axis compound location:

The Axis compound is situated in West Cairo at the junction of the Mehwar Road and Desert Road. It is in October and has accessibility to one of the most vibrant spots in the city; it only takes seven minutes to reach Sheikh Zayed City. It is also in close proximity to Lebanon Square as it takes 10 minutes to reach there.


Since the major purpose of IWAN Developments is to satisfy the clients, not all the land is occupied by residential units. That is to say, the Axis compound covers an area of 50 feddans, but the residential units represent only 26 % of the whole land, and the services and other facilities occupy 74 % of the compound.

The developer really gives much attention to your contentment; the residential buildings inside the Axis compound will have several bedrooms. So a residential unit may contain one, two, three, or four bedrooms along with 2 large bathrooms.

On top of that, the reception and terrace are so spacious, which will enable you to take joy in looking at the astonishing views that surround your home.

The residential units in Axis compound are designed, taking into consideration the privacy of each inhabitant. So no one will disturb you at any time.

The environment in Axis compound is totally safe as the security guards the compound around the clock. There are vast playgrounds, in addition to swimming pools. Furthermore, there is a mosque and social club.

Besides, there is an impressive shopping center, where you will find everything you need to buy. You can take your family to have a tasty meal at one of the scrumptious restaurants in the commercial area.

The Axis compound

Over and above that, one of the main principles of IWAN is to create a “FEEL GOOD NEIGHBORHOODS.” So it offers an aqua park, where you can spend a lovely time along with your family.

There are also stunning water fountains, a health club, art gyms, and spa. In case you are after riding bikes, there is a wide trail for bikes. The cars or vehicles will not take much space in front of your home because the parking is underground.

Additionally, there is a passage across the compound, in which you can find small kiosks that serve beverages and food.

Prices and areas:

The available units at Axis compound are apartments and penthouses, and all of them are surrounded by magnificent landscapes.

The areas start from 98 square meters up to 235 square meters, whereas the price per meter starts from EGP 13500.

Axis compound table:


To get your residential unit in Axis compound you can pay only 10 % as a down payment, and then you can pay the rest of the money by installments over 8 years. The delivery will be within 4 years.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a vigorous community where you can find all the essential amenities and services, Axis compound will definitely meet your expectations. This is because the developer established the compound with the aim of creating “FEEL GOOD NEIGHBORHOODS.”


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