Your excursion starts, The City of Odyssia New Cairo, Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Sabbour dispatches its most recent undertaking, later on, a zone of ​​580 sections of land, in an exceptional area, only a short ways from the American University and on the districts of the new administrative capital has been deliberately arranged to suit all preferences and necessities to guarantee a new beginning to a remarkable life in an air described by solace, quietness, and security, it also incorporates extravagance lofts and different estates to suit every one of our clients’ needs

The City of ODYSSIA

the city of odyssia location

The City of Odyssia permits you to dive into the life you had always wanted, and inside this excursion, you live, learn and experience a greater amount of life, it’s not only a city but also a whole story. An excursion that offers you the chance to experience a real encounter, also permitting you to manage your life, and add to the development of your local.

A dynamic city with something for everyone, The City of Odyssia location interfaces everybody by giving a mutual aggregate encounter that connects all the faculties and advances your lives. From expressions and culture, sports and wellbeing, peacefulness and greenery, right to mingling, learning, and making, the outcome is a network that agreeably coordinates life, work, and plays into one. With courtesies that increase the value of your everyday life, the prize is a raised comprehension of how to turn into the best form of yourself. it is a feasible goal that is made bursting at the seams with its kin. All offices are intended to take into account your ordinary needs, permitting you to be incorporated with a network of similar individuals who share your equivalent qualities, convictions, and interests.

Why the CITY OF ODYSSIA location?

As a city that guarantees the ideal experience for every one of its inhabitants, It consolidates autonomous manors, living arrangements, twin habitations, and lofts, all inside one associated network made with its individuals.

It allows you to sustain your abilities. By delighting in our Arts and Culture reasonable, our performances, or through learning at our architects’ studios, or creation studios, there will consistently be something to take part in and improve your energy to release your gifts. Regardless of whether you’re a beginning up, or hoping to move your business to a progressively helpful setting for your developing business needs, our business locale is prepared to give you with a charming working space, all, while your kids are going through the day learning with their companions at our global, certify schools furthermore, foundations and nursery.

The City of ODYSSIA

Our way of life locale gives the extravagances of our boutique inn, alongside a retail road with retail zones that oblige all your shopping and eating needs. And from parks, themed gardens, pocket parks, and patios, our open-air green spaces take into account supporting exercises for the fiery, just as a spot for loved ones to assemble and associate, with a play zone for the children to

participate on the great occasions also, begin making recollections. In addition the wide green spaces, pool, 24-hour security, Private stopping for the inhabitants of the compound, gardens, Artificial wellsprings, Cafes, and eateries. Business territory, social Club, Club House, Track for the calf and strolling, Smart Home, Gym and spa, BBQ and gathering regions, Quiet zones in green territories, Health club.

the city of odyssia prices

The booking has been opened currently, start the reservation and get you’re completely got done with lodging unit with the least expensive costs. The entirety of our units is completely completed, regardless of whether condos, manors, or others. 5% upfront installment, 8 years portions imply agreeable portions; we assist you with living in extravagance without limitations, pay the upfront installment, and the rest more than 8 years, the longest installment time frame within the city of odyssia prices.

the city of odyssia

The City Of Odyssia sabbour Connectivity: 

The City of Odyssia sabbour found 30 km east of Greater Cairo, the City of Odyssia is very much associated with New Cairo City toward the west, and New Capital City toward the east. It likewise has superb worldwide availability with direct access to Cairo International Airport toward the west and the New Capital Airport toward the east.

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