The MARQ New Cairo Compound: Luxury seekers will be kept in-door and enjoying amenities around their residence.

THE MARQ New Cairo, the compound is The Crown Jewel of The Address Real-Estate Development Company, a star recently had been born in real estate’s wide heaven. Since 2019, the company has assigned billions of EGP’s to be invested in its projects, the most of real estate projects are in the New Administration Capital and New Cairo. The MARQ New Cairo is a few minutes away of The Ring Road, location in the middle of Golden Square close to the American University in the Fifth Settlement – New Cairo and It is nearby Mountain View I City Compound.

The Marq New Cairo

Do you know the creator of THE MARQ New Cairo?

Before we talk about THE MARQ New Cairo, you have the right to get a brief about the creator of this compound. The Address Real-Estate Development Company is one of the reputed companies in the Egyptian real estate development market, since more than twenty-five years the company did a great contribution in real estate economy by launching its projects with its own foundation, designs and construction by well skilled professional manpower it has.

The owners of the company:

  • Mr. Niazy Salim / The owner of Nama Real Estate Development Company.
  • Mr. Mahmood Khattab / Chairman of B-Tech Company.
  • Al Fawzan Company for Trade and Constructions.

What is The Address Real-Estate Development Company’s vision?

The Address Real-Estate Development Company had launched THE MARQ New Cairo as a huge project to meet its clients’ needs of luxury, serenity and tranquillity to draw happiness and satisfaction over 26 Feddans in New Cairo through prosperous wide green landscapes, magnificent amenities ensuring relief and comfort, outstanding water features and flexible choices of more than 300 stand-alone villas, twin and town homes. Plus, providing a 24/7 secured environment on gates and inside the compound, with all reachable desired services facilities.

The Marq New Cairo

How magnificent are the amenities in THE MARQ Compound?

  • Concierge Services: The MARQ had generate the idea of providing of providing a complete top package of concierge service.
  • Housekeeping: The MARQ is supporting family communications by giving housewives the required time to enhance family connections by using housekeeping service for its villas.
  • Clubhouse: Families and friends could put themselves together to have a great time in The MARQ premium clubhouse.
  • Outdoor Cinema: The MAQ outdoor cinema will make this experiment unforgettable by watching fantastic movies in open-air with your family or friends.
  • The MARQ Themed Gardens: The MARQ compound had a very unique gardens had been designed carefully to hold its distinctive theme like Moon Garden, Aromatic Garden, Tranquil Garden, Butterfly Garden and water Garden. All are tied up together with a harmonic bond.
  • Commercial strip: Where you can find top branded Cafes, restaurants and Stores. It is located right on the outer side of The MARQ.
  • Meditation Zone: The MARQ’s Meditation Zone is the perfect tranquil oasis designed to practice Yoga and meditation.
  • Sport Zone & 1.5 KM Walk: It is wonderful space for outdoor activities and to practice different kinds of sports, ball
  • games, weights lifting, walking and running         

The Marq New Cairo  

What are the opportunities you can hunt in THE MARQ New Cairo? 

The MARQ New Cairo prices are meeting many categories with a lot of options for each level. Here are the types of units which you can find in The MARQ New Cairo:


Units designs: Stand-alone Villa / Twin houses / Town houses.

  • The area of Stand-alone villas starts from 515 m2.
  •  The area of Twin houses starts from 245 m2.
  • The area of town houses starts from 180 m2   up to 270 m2.

The MARQ New Cairo has been created to reach the unreachable level of luxury and tranquillity which will be guaranteed when you get one of its units.

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