A special innovation within real-estate architecture, because of the advance era within Egypt, introducing TRIO VILLAS is an end on the intensive lookup for greater than a year to discipline the market desires or as human beings truly desire after having within their modern properties which born us to revisit the villa notion design.

The idea introduces a set about 3 villas overlapping through complex, every including its personal garden or personal entrance.

Trio Villas

To attain this concept, we keep an international competition which was gained by Paris-Beirut based HECATE international beneath the direction about one on the best architects of the world, Eng. Paul Antonios so had added a variety of current home concepts among Cypress, Spain, Paris then Lebanon.

TRIO VILLAS is the auspicious choice because ye and thine family permanency

Trio villas by Trio Garden

Trio Gardens is a New Compound via M2 Development, located in New Cairo, In Trio Gardens every gadget connected with begin gardens together with lovesome cloud features. Trio Gardens offer Residential areas Apartments and Villas, ranges out of a hundred and forty according to 350 m2. All devices have non-public gardens ranging from 35 in accordance with 85 m2. Trio Gardens purposes entertainment areas durability and a commercial arcade that has various shopping stores & a nursery or an employ designed clubhouse for its residents.

M2 Gardens offers extra than 950 TRIO VILLAS designed as like a European current style

and every villa has its personal backyard then entree where ye can select an extensive measure of

different constructing sorts then areas ranging out of 146 to 365-meter square, along with private

gardens ranging beside 35 after eighty-five meters rectangular yet personal pools.

trio villas

LifeStyle in Trio Villas

Trio Villas pleasure stays thine perfect choice

where elephantine or superb communities. Everything is although beneath according to the finest detail

offering you a life-style up to expectation is now not comparable in accordance with others. Entertainment venues and parks,

retail stores or enjoyment settings offer the near pleasant surroundings for family find together. It

is designed according to be a quite, clear retreat and is ideal for considerable family reunions among total


 Trio Villas Services and features

This quiet community is the consummate region because enjoying amazing landscapes, extensive walking than biking tracks, splendid fountains then many possibilities after rejuvenate and relax.

  • Landscape: 75% on the location is dedicated to panorama and exotic plants then plant life the place thou are surrounded by greenery in all places after grant healthy surroundings and relaxing view.
  • Walking Tracks: bask magnificently then anxiously attractive views alongside the walkways as administration ye around the whole compound.
  • Bike Tracks: These bicycle trails offer leisurely cycling yet allow riders in accordance with enjoy so plenty greater than just cycling.
  • Fountains: laying at the center of the decomplex together with surround shaded areas and music house affords amazing views and giving a mixture concerning style or comfort

There are also many entertainment facilities:

Places over events Indoor yet outdoor lounges

  • Children’s circulate area
  • Multipurpose sports activities field
  • Gym or exercising hall

Trio Villas

provide thou diversity of picks after swimsuit an extensive length on lifestyles, tastes 

  • Semi-finished: This option is the superior choice in conformity with clothing thine kitchen out of a choice on colors, material as matches thy wishes yet style alongside including every appliance then lights fixtures.
  • Turnkey Option: we offer ye an extraordinary intestinal diagram because of your villa according in conformity with thine taste either modern, basic and retro yet furnishing the complete villa including flexible price terms
  • Smart Home System Plus: We perform provide ye unique automation options so allow thou in accordance with rule lighting, mania condition, audio and visual systems, curtains, limit cameras then kitchen security system remotely.
  • Private Pools: Have your personal tank out of a range of designs and sizes, and you perform experience a shortly morning float yet a late-night time vogue of the comforts of thine home.

Trio Villas where tranquility and comfort

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