Tycoon Compound had been launched by Arabia Real Estate Development Company as a new outstanding project in Fifth Settlement in New Cairo.

Arabia Real Estate Development Company had been started business in Egypt in 2019 to achieve huge progress all over the years and gaining a lot of experience in the real estate industry. Arabia Real Estate Development Company had produced a lot of important and huge projects which draw the attention of interested clients to grab their share of the big tasty cake. The developer owns a great international team serving, creating, and putting those projects on the ground. They easily can convert untouchable imagination to a touchable reality. This is obviously observed when we have a look at fantastic buildings and real estate which had been designed and built by the developer. Here we are going to look over some the most important previous achievements of Arabia Real Estate Development Company:

Tycoon Compound

  • Sun Capital Compound on 6 October City.
  • Moon Valley 1 Compound in New Cairo.
  • Galleria Compound in Fifth Settlement – New Cairo
  • Galleria Residence Compound in Fifth Settlement – New Cairo
  • Arabiano Compound on 6 October City.
  • Moon Valley 2 Compound in New Cairo.
  • Galleria Mall in fifth Settlement – New Cairo
  • Tycoon compound – The location.

Tycoon compound location is extremely remarkable; it is in Fifth Settlement – New Cairo. It had been built on 8000 m2 area inland pieces No. 68 and 70 on Bank region in front of southern side 90 street near to HSCB Bank and it is a region full of international business centers and so close to West Golf, Al Narges Dist., Al Banafsej Dist., Al Yasmeen Dist., south of Academy Dist., and Al Shwayfat region

  • Tycoon Compound overview.

Tycoon compound had been designed to be of the best Administrative compounds, consists of 2 separate buildings with basement and 4 floors and penthouse for each building. A lot of administrative offices are there with different spaces and it has the main entrance gate and double glass interface decorated with Aluminum double bars using very high-quality materials and paints from high standard international companies.

Tycoon compound in New Cairo has a lot of advantages which makes it a very good chance for investment and a wonderful place to start your business. For example; it has an electric generator with 600K Kilowatt can cover all-electric power needs for the floors, central air condition is providing all the offices and halls, a well-designed drainage net system had been built by the strongest and highest materials. In Tycoon compound New Cairo, you don’t have to worry about security because the developer had set a TV circle and Cameras all over the place monitoring and recording everywhere, Cameras are from Samsung as a high quality branded devices, on the basement, there are a very wide garage for car parking and monitored by Samsung cams as well in entries and Exits.

Tycoon Compound

Perfect modern designs for the entry gates and stairs made of original marble and granite, fire control system had been installed by the latest international standards up to the Egyptian code for safety for all the people who will work in the offices in the building.

Tycoon compound providing a high-speed Wi-Fi network for the internet covering all the floors with a strong signal. Security guards are available around and inside the buildings moving everywhere in a regular patrol. There are 4 elevators had been manufactured by well-known international Mitsubishi company on the highest level of efficiency and maintenance, each one can elevate a maximum of 12 persons with maximum total weight 1050 KG.

You will be so lucky if you can get an office in Tycoon Compound because most of the available administrative offices in the market are in malls or regular buildings, but you will get your unit in a COMPOUND. Do you know what is COMPOUND means??


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