Zaha park mall, the new capital, unique way of investing money

By speaking about the new capital projects, we Therefore should mention one of the most important of these projects which is Zaha mall. The Importance of this project is due to its including All services which consist of shops, clinics, and Administrative units. If you are seeking to get a Trade work in a strategic location in addition to Availability to give the price of the unit through Installments, so you may have to think about Zaha Mall. And through this article, you will be known About all information related to this project.

About Zaha park designs

Zaha mall is designed by great efforts and very Unique ones. It is the parametric design that is Used to produce this kind of mall. So this mall is designed to enhance the soul of welfare inside is not only aiming to improve the distinctive Parametric factors like temperature, and wetness, But it also supports looking at the future with a special Glimpse. The word Zaha is inspired by the name of The architecture engineer “Zaha El Hadeed”.

About the owner company

Thanks to the Home Town company, we now can enjoy the future between our hands. It is one of the greatest companies in the middle east. It has several works in elegant places in Cairo, as It always cares about choosing handsome locations For its projects.

Zaha park location

Zaha park mall has a distinctive location to attract All inhabitance for entertainment, shopping, and Buying all their needs. Zaha mall is located beside El Fatah El Alim mosque on the central hub in addition To the money and business sector and the Governmental sector, on the area 23MU, part E15.

 Zaha park Space

About 7200 square meters is the space that this Mall is established on. Consisting of 9 floors, each of Them includes several units, but has different Spaces and architectural designs. To meet with all Customer standards.

Spaces of the floors,

-There are 3 floors for trade affairs with different Spaces, 12 to 238 square meters.

-3 floors for medical affairs like clinics, spaces 26 to 81 square meters.

-4 floors for administrative units and each of these Floors is on 1600 square meters space.

zaha park

Advantages of the Zaha park mall are the following

– Existing central air conditions for all units.

-Every floor has about 10 bathrooms dividing Between men and women ones.

-Every floor has 2 dustmen for keeping the floor Being clean.

-The place is distinctive by its spaces for all units.

-The mall serves the needs of a huge number of Inhabitants whose numbers are more than 50,000 Persons.

-The last floor enjoys having places for the Comfort of workers to get their break time on it.

-Underground garages that are related to the mall.

-Including water fountains that are designed by amazing kinds of drawings.

-The MU 23 area which includes all governmental Units. Besides, the existence of hospitals, schools, and Universities. And that is what gives the place its Importance which will deliver profits for who seeks To buy a unit in this mall.

-The facility of paying prices and its appropriate to All customers.

System of how to pay for getting such a unit in Zaha park

Home town company insists to help all customers to Be able to buy a unit in the mall and here are some Of the facilities that are introduced by the company,

  • -Pay 5% as a prepayment and the rest of the cost can be Paid through 3 years.
  • -10% and 5 years of installments.
  • -15% and 5 years of installments.
  • -20% and 6 years of installments.

Be ready and speedily go on booking a unit in Zaha Mall where the dream of the future will be in front of Your eyes.

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