Zed East compound New Cairo

Zed east current Cairo is The current duties through course concerning ora developers owned via the famous service provider Naguib Sawiris After the extensive opulence regarding the organization into zed towers in sheik Zayedthe organization started pursuit of an instant challenge among new Cairo zed least between fifth agreement precisely between new katameya.

Zed East New Cairo

zed east new Cairo location

Aura Real Estate has chosen New Cairo for Zed East location as much it’s subsequent funding therefore such has full-aged according to keep a magnet because buyers according to make investments of yet residents of. It has a privileged after based vicinity fit since its come arrangement following within accordance together with the enclosure areas, Zed East New Cairo By ORA Naguib Sawiris New Cairo among the other element over Hyde Park, over the middle cite road 5 mins in company of AUC; 15 minutes past Suez road; 15 min below the center concerning el3asema “The New Administrative Capital”, life 15min amongst performance which includes Sokhna road

Zed East recent Cairo sprawls upstairs 4 hundred feddans over pinnacle shaft into New Cairo together including more than 200 Feddans committed into imitation together with greenery and vintage landscape. With a middling neighborhood adjoining between imitation over New Cairo, Zed East new cairo  is at the end over South Teseen Road. It enjoys convenient accessibility through the front appeal road, El Ein El Sokhna road.

the made is located into the finest locations among the fifth settlement between recent katameya subsequent following the La Vista peril In bend upstairs Hyde Park as regards ninety Street The assignment website is unique using wight close in conformity with every executive capabilities then institutions.

 the master plan for zed east compound

.The master layout is wrought around the creed so a great deal vicinity is a luxury. All gadgets whether or not these are villas yet residences deliver onto each landscaped gardens, full-size commence courtyards yet The Club. Commercial services are condensed mutually in imitation with acquire expertise on the synergies regarding them and are placed at the guts concerning the enhancement between imitation along body reach penetration following yet difficulty namely effortless namely a good deal possible.

Zed East New Cairo

At the morale of the Zed East, The Club fuses high-grade assumption or hospitableness facilities between beautifully landscaped gardens. Consisting of a sports activities university, football, or tennis academies afterward significant swimming pools The Club caters due to the fact of informal yet aspiring professional sportspeople alike. The Clubhouse has located namely the neighborly lenience for the improvement and has widespread food yet drinks choices alongside including lounges, characteristic area, or lead space surrounding.

zed east new Cairo prices and features

the mission is located concerning a region over 415 acres Residential devices are vindicated within Apartments or villas then Townhouse then Twin House with amazing Zed East features

  • One Bedroom1 Standard sixty-three sqm
  • One Bedroom Luxury eighty-five sqm
  • Two bedrooms 104 rectangular meters
  • Two-bedroom luxurious a hundred thirty rectangular meters
  • Average 3 bedrooms 139 rectangular meters
  • Three bedroom corner is one hundred yet sixty-five rectangular meters
  • Triple bedroom huge digest 166 square meters
  • Three-bedroom govt 186 rectangular meters
  • The three-bedroom penthouse is 220 rectangular meters
  • Four-bedroom penthouse 226-238 sq.m.
  • As for the prices, the common cost care of rectangular meter between the Japanese Zaid complicated is 23,500 pounds

Zed East New Cairo

It is an entirely integrated residential development within East Cairo by way of Ora Developers afterward their magnificent prevalence along Zed Sheikh Zayed. A rich mixture related to makes use of which include retail, office, resort, or scientific services forms the intestinal atop a residential-led community.

If ye are searching because of a luxurious lifestyle, Zed East New Cairo prices ought to stand you desire due to the fact it brings a terrific vision concerning life, focusing over landscapes following exhibit the natural splendor then managing improvement out of existence plain in conformity with real reality.

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