Zed East compound

Zed East compound New Cairo Zed east current Cairo is The current duties through course concerning ora developers owned via the famous service provider Naguib Sawiris After the extensive opulence regarding the organization into zed towers in sheik Zayedthe organization started pursuit of an instant challenge among new Cairo zed least between fifth agreement precisely […]

Azzar Compound

Have a Distinct Life with  Azzar New Cairo Azzar Compound New Cairo, the development project of Reedy Group. Styled in an American way precisely California with a lot of Egyptian soil and soul that you will find it in New Cairo. Azzar Compound New Cairo emblem is authenticity and difference, it is one of the […]

Trivium Mall

Trivium Fifth Settlement Mall Trivium Fifth Settlement Mall is one of the most important and the biggest commercial, medical and administrative projects in New Cairo providing all kinds of services to the unit’s owners and their clients. Location is very unique and strategic in the heart of northern side of 90 street in Fifth Settlement […]

gaia north coast

Gaia North Coast Egypt – Gaia North Coast, the urban advancement in the North Coast locale has become a quickening pace and has become a district populated with contending traveler resorts in pulling in customers to it both with its focal points that it gives that recognize it from others, as it included the new […]

sea view

For amateurs, real fun apartments, and villas in Sea View North Coast waiting! sea view north coast location Some of these opportunities available today can be a dream in the distance with the increasing rise in the Egyptian real estate market. sea view north coast sahel location You’ve probably heard of the recent real estate […]

mountain view north coast

At one point or another, everyone dreamed of their ideal home. Who, and where will that be? How big would it be if there was no problem with the money? Here are some emerging ideas like mountain view north coast The beauty and charm of Mountain View North Coast Egypt location The house is on […]

downtown new alamein

Amid the new El Alamein North Coast Compound downtown new alamein North Coast, the new city, is the first destination for visitors from all over the world. Its natural beauty has attracted people for years. Rest when visiting El Alamein as a tourist that makes you rethink, it has been observed that more and more […]

Hacienda Bay

Hacienda Bay North Coast is hard to forget, and individual vacation destinations have plenty for everyone in an expensive location. When you want to get off the season just as you did, this is a much easier option due to the additional fees regularly associated with individual travel packages, making it impossible to determine reasonable […]

Bo Islands

Bo Islands North Coast If you are looking for an opulent and comforting spot where you can spend an unforgettable holiday, you must get a unit at Bo Islands North Coast Maxim. Maxim Development    Maxim Development is the company that has set up Bo Islands North Coast. It is considered one of the most prominent companies in […]

jefaira north coast

jefaira north coast is one of the best tourist places in the past years, as there are many amenities and medical treatment, and children can enjoy many advantages at this resort. As for me, you are on a date with happiness. We have just arrived for another year. A lot of tension and drama in […]


Mazarine new Alamein North Coast is a complete blend of history and nature. On Earth, this city can be called Paradise. A mixture of turquoise blue sea and intricate woods, accompanied by some gorgeous white sand cover making this place quickly paradise in mazarine location. Information about the project Project name: Mazarin– The area of two […]

north edge towers

Have you envisioned buying a holiday home? If so, you might have been thinking about nearby holiday resorts where you can easily go for a long weekend or spend the whole summer. Although this is not a terrible plan, it is safer to purchase a new Alamein holiday home in the north edge towers When […]

marassi north coast

Families can enjoy better and more wonderful holidays in marassi north coast. This holiday will help them relax and have a more enjoyable time with their loved ones until the holidays are over. There are numerous destination spots and various activities to choose from; families undoubtedly have a hard time choosing the best place to […]

Fifth Square Mall

Partaken in the services and claimed a store in Fifth Square Mall situated in Fifth Square, which is well known for its area in the Fifth Avenue explicitly on the northern ninety Street, which is popular for the brilliant square and the springy vein in New Cairo, as it is situated among numerous fundamental spots […]

Business Plus New Cairo

The Business Plus New Cairo Mall, Fifth Avenue is one of the most crucial zones of Fifth Avenue, through the land organization Catalyst. The organization was sharp – in any case – that its business venture is recognized with all the administrations and advantages that make it a recognized open door for financial specialists and […]

Ozone mall

A new different project which introduces integrated Services especially for the medical field. And for all People who live in the fifth settlement, new Cairo. Having more of the medical units with international Designs is what makes this project be a distinctive one. To be encouraged to take the step of booking a unit In […]

elegantry mall new cairo

elegantry mall new cairo elegantry mall new cairo is probably the greatest shopping center in the realm of land interest in the fifth get together, which was built up by one of the biggest specific organizations in the field of land advancement with a valid Egyptian look close to contemporary and innovation, where the shopping […]

champs elysees mall

For each and every individual who longs for putting resources into the authoritative capital, Pyramids has propelled its most recent long-standing undertaking, which is spoken to in the champs elysees mall , the managerial capital. The venture is situated on a territory of 8500 meters, which contains 600 stores with various zones to suit all […]

La Capital Mall

The New Administrative Capital has become attractive for many businessmen and investors. It spans over 700 square kilometers. It is going to be a thriving spot where countless individuals and companies can invest their money. La Capital Mall New Capital is one of these promising projects. PYRAMIDS DEVELOPMENTS: Pyramids Development is the company that has […]

Doja Aurora Mall

DOJA Aurora Mall New Capital is the main business clinical managerial undertaking in the new regulatory capital, just as the most recent advancement for DOJA DEVELOPMENT working in the Egyptian land advertise since 2011, and the proprietor of the long and fluctuated land business record between the Mansoura and Delta towers, manors, land, and terrains […]