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rivian compound new capital had been launched by Al Ta’ameer Arabian Company. The company is the owner of the Rivian compound had been established in 1995 and it has a very good reputation in designing, executing, and developing a lot of projects inside Egypt and overseas especially in the Arab Gulf area and Africa. Mostly, Al Taa’meer Arabian company concentrating on the perfect location of its projects and to make sure all the services, charming views, and comfort will be guaranteed in each unit for all the residents.

Rivian New Capital Compound Egypt – The Perfect location

Al Ta’ameer Arabian Company perfectly chooses a perfect location for Rivian New Capital in New Administration Capital. It is in the center of R7_F5 which is considered the Golden district in the New Capital. The location of Rivian Compound is linking the main roads and leading to the Diplomatic Area, Green River, and Expo City. Rivian Compound also is very near to Opera House, Al-Masa Hotel, Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque, and Nativity of Christ Orthodox Cathedral.

The project overview  

This project is landing on 17 Feddans. The owners of Rivian Compound had succeeded to increase green landscapes overbuilding spaces so if you pay a visit there, you will find that %83 of the space is completely green areas. Living in Rivian Compound is like living in a small classy town in which you will find everything you need is around and you will find yourself surrounded by green gardens, landscapes, a shiny water view in beautiful lakes and swimming pools everywhere.

Rivian Amenities

Rivian compound is a fully integrated compound providing a lot of fantastic amenities to make sure residents get whatever they need like:

  •  Customer services for any inquiries and concierge service 24/7 security and are surrounded by high siege and guarded gates for privacy.
  • Shopping malls, coffee shops, and dining options for shopping and enjoying drinks and meals.
  • Clubhouse, health club, and spa so residents could be pampering themselves.
  • Rivian compound takes care of resident’s healthy life and getting some fresh air by designing bicycle lanes and walking/running tracks to do some sports whenever you like.
  • Lovely park for kids for enjoying and having good times.
  • A lot of swimming pools between units for general use with a special design for privacy.
  • Garages for cars and one-way streets to avoid traffic jams.


 Rivian New Capital Egypt Units options and prices

Rivian compound – New Capital Egypt is offering a lot of opportunities that are suitable for each customer’s budget with different designs and areas. The common of all the units, more than %90 of units are having a remarkable view so we think that it will be easy to find there what are you need. Here are the units and you can make your choice:

  •   Premium apartments / Modern designs with a wonderful view and variety of spaces. The areas are between 77 m2 and 250 m2.
  • Townhouse, Twin house, and penthouse / Perfect designs, charming view, and secured privacy are highly guaranteed. The areas are almost between 200 m2 and 300 m2.
  • Stand-Alone Villas / Luxury units and various spaces. The areas are between 300 m2 and 560 m2.

Here is the explanation of the unbelievable prices of the units in Rivian Compound – New Administration Capital. Al Ta’ameer Arabian Company, the owner of Rivian Compound is offering a lot of options for buying the unit you want in installments with close to Zero interest, plus you still have the option to receive your unit fully finishing, half finishing or Zero finishing so you can control your budget and cost the finishing stage as you like.



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