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Audaz mall, the welfare where the new capital

A new creative project made by Gates company, Audaz mall new capital is one of the medical administrative trade Congregation in a distinctive location in the new Capital city. The word Audaz itself is coming from a Spain origin which is means courage in our English Language wants to deliver to clients to make them feel safe once investing in such a mall. in the Audaz mall new capital, it Is available to find a variety of spaces that Accommodate all customer’s needs and their living standards. Therefore it imparts a great investment Chance.

Way of designing

Audaz mall new capital is an idea inspired by the glass top which starts From the down floor until the seven one. Where one can see the beauty of the sky as being around him Through all directions. it is an amazing design That accommodates all modern architectures. Besides all of that, there is the garden roof that Stimulates the desire inside you to visit the place Even for just enjoying.

AUDAZ Mall New Capital

 Location of the audaz mall new capital Gates

Audaz mall location is next to El masa hotel, exactly In front of the sector of money and business. It is also near to the Ministers Association therefore the Location is in a very vital place.

To be more specified we can say that the mall is M

Nearing El Suez route and few feet apart from Cairo Airport.

Here are some of the vital places around the Audaz Mall New Capital:

-Nearing the British university.

-A few feet apart from the Diplomatic sector.

-Very near to the green river.

-Nearing the presidential sector

With this information, we can notice the importance Of this location.

AUDAZ Mall New Capital


Meters. The audaz mall is distinguished by having 2 Buildings and consisting of several units which are available to be used for more field.

Space includes a down floor in addition to other 7 floors, and these floors are divided as the following:

-Each of the 2 buildings A, B has units for different Trade affairs.

– The A building has units available to be used for medical clinics with different specialists.

-The B building has units for the use of Administrative activities.

Inside the audaz mall new capital, units space can be classified Between 19 to 70 square meters. On the other hand, units related to administrative activities or Medical clinics have space between 52 to 98 square Metres.

Services of the audaz mall Gates

Surely such a mall with all these descriptions will Introduce a variety of elegant services like the following:

-There are special portals and high qualified security Systems.

-Inside the audaz mall new capital, there are warning devices that Work through emergency cases and fire Extinguishers devices to work in turning off fires.

-5 elevators in addition to 4 electric ladders.

-Enjoying a wonderful spa and sports games with an Elegant grade.

-Central air conditions in addition to special Customer service for saving the client’s comfort.

-Inside the audaz mall new capital, there are conference rooms for Holding meetings.

-A special area for kids, provided with all ways of Peace and safe.

-Availability of a huge garage with a capacity of Hosting about 400 cars.

-Most prominent decorations in both, inside and outside the audaz mall new capital. For keeping an international touch of Modernity.

AUDAZ Mall New Capital

Audaz mall prices and how to pay

Gates company for development has insisted to put Distinctive Audaz mall prices with an easy way of payment to meet with the comfort of every client and Be appropriate to everyone’s standards. So the Company decides to take just 10% as a prepayment Of the whole cost of the unit .then the rest can be as equal installments for 8 years.

Finally, if you are looking for a different place to invest your money with a great assurance that you will Gain a great profit, you, therefore, have to think of Audaz mall prices new capital because it is an amazing project. Further, if you are a one who loves enjoying the visit Of new projects and knows about its beauty, you can Visit Audaz mall new capital to feel hope and advancement.

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