Bo Islands North Coast

If you are looking for an opulent and comforting spot where you can spend an unforgettable holiday, you must get a unit at Bo Islands North Coast Maxim.

Bo Islands

Maxim Development

   Maxim Development is the company that has set up Bo Islands North Coast. It is considered one of the most prominent companies in the field of real estate.

   Maxim Developments has established numerous projects such as Maxim Residence Compound in Shrouk, Bo Sands North Coast, The Canyon New Cairo, Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski Cairo, Maxim Mall, and Maxim Compound New Cairo.

Bo Islands Maxim Location

   Bo Islands occupies a remarkable location at Sidi Abd El Rahman in the North Coast. It is situated at Kilo 120 Alexandria-Matrouh Road. The distance between Bo Islands North Coast and Marina is only 15 kilometers. Besides, it is close to Bo Sands North Coast. Furthermore, it will take you two hours to reach it from Cairo.

Bo Islands Features

   Bo Islands has magnificent beaches, where the water is clear. It is in Sidi Abd El Rahman, which is one of the most captivating spots in the North coast.

   There are hotels, bazaars, and exhibitions. You can have a meal at one of the scrumptious restaurants there. Above all, there are areas allocated for recreational activities and others for cultural activities.

   The kids can spend a wonderful time at the aqua park. The developer gave priority to greenery; 88 % of the resort land is specified for fascinating landscapes. Furthermore, the security guards the resort around the clock.

Bo Islands

Bo Islands Areas

    Bo Islands offers the clients a variety of spaces. You can buy a villa, a townhouse, or a chalet. The area of the villas starts from 260 square meters to more than 500 square meters, whereas the areas of the townhouses start from 230 square meters. On the other hand, the areas of the chalets start from 133 square meters to more than 500 square meters.

Bo Islands clubs

   Bo Islands provides the residents with clubs where they can relax and spend a joyful time. There is a sports club that contains football pitches, tennis courts, and areas for volleyball and handball. Moreover, there are wide swimming pools, and there are health clubs and spa where the residents can relax and spend a lovely time.

Bo Islands

Bo Islands rent

   Some owners prefer to rent their properties at Bo Islands North Coast, and they take the rent monthly. The prices vary according to the space and services. Consequently, you may find a unit for EGP 7,500 per month, whereas the price of other units can reach up to EGP 500,000 per month.

Bo Islands North Coast prices:

   The prices of the units at Bo Islands North Coast vary according to the size of the units and the number of rooms.

The price of the chalets ranges from EGP 2,971.965 to EGP 7,567.565, whereas the prices of the townhouses range from EGP 4,343.469 to EGP 7,567.565.

   The price of the villas starts from EGP 7,315.910 to EGP 21,422.348. In addition, to obtain your unit you can pay 5 % down payment and pay the rest of the money by installments over up to 7 years.

Bo Islands Sahel for sale:

    Because Bo Islands Sahel has a unique location, many people crave buying units at that impressive resort. Several owners want to sell their properties at Bo Islands North Coast.

   The starting price of villas is 6 million pounds. Moreover, there are chalets for sale, and the starting price is EGP 1,200,000. It is worth mentioning that prices change a lot because the owner may change his mind or he may add extra amenities to his property.

 All in all, Bo Islands Sahel is an opulent resort where you can spend an unparalleled vacation.


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