CATALAN Compound New Capital one of particular new activities in the capital, which is one of Gates organization for land improvement ventures, which was quick to be a compound CATALAN compound and incorporated administrations in which all the pleasantries accessible, and well – being to be the principal goal for all searchers of mental solace, security, The serenity of the Catalan undertaking plans is described by complexity, extravagance, and a brilliant perspective on every single private unit on green spaces and counterfeit lakes.

Catalan Compound

 CATALAN Compound Location

 CATALAN New Capital Compound Egypt location is in the most renowned zones in the new capital locale seventh, it close to the local ring street that interfaces the new capital of all the encompassing cities, the Catalan Compound disregards the Green River and is near the business and money related region, it is close to the biggest house of God in the Middle East, and close to the carnival, it is additionally situated close to the international safe haven area , which is one of the most significant private neighborhoods in the new capital, and the most upscale and calm which makes Catalan compound location worthy.

In Catalan, the authoritative capital, you will carry on with the extravagance life you and your family long for in the loftiest areas in the new capital, near all administrations, significant neighborhoods, and significant centers, in light of the fact that the Catalan Compound isn’t only a normal private network, rather, it is an actual existence loaded with expressions of what you want from protection, solace, and diversion.

away from the groups, contamination, and commotion of different urban communities, it is significant that it is exceptionally near the monetary and business region, notwithstanding its way to deal with the presentation grounds and other fundamental tourist spots in the new regulatory capital.

Advantages of Living at CATALAN Compound Egypt

 Catalan New Capital, there are endless administrations, this is on the grounds that the designer of the task is quick to give all methods for solace and extravagance to its clients, in Catalan new capital Compound Egypt you will discover numerous rich pools for grown-ups and kids, here is additionally a huge social club wherein there are numerous exercises so as to spend the most joyful occasions for you and your family.

there is likewise an enormous worldwide school, so as to guarantee the organization that claims the venture to offer instructive types of assistance to all inhabitants inside the Catalan. An incredible film to engage the inhabitants of the compound, inside the new capital, Catalan, you will discover numerous bistros and eateries serving the best sorts of food, There is likewise a huge carport for stopping inside the compound, there is additionally 24-hour security and security for the compound.

Catalan Compound

 Among the benefits of lodging in the new regulatory capital, and in the Catalan Compound specifically, you will appreciate top of the line lodging in the most renowned areas in the new capital.

close to all the administrations and the fundamental center points, this is a direct result of the recognized area of the new capital, which will have an extraordinary future as there are numerous schools, colleges, and clinical emergency clinics inside each compound in the new capital, and there is likewise an enormous mosque, and the biggest church in the Middle East, by acquiring a lodging unit in Catalan compound in the core of the new capital, you will have an incredible chance to live in the most esteemed areas, at the least costs, book your loft unit to get the lodging you long for, appreciate all the administrations, and get the extravagance, serenity, and security you want.

CATALAN Compound New Capital Prices

 The prices of the units in Catalan Compound change as indicated by the size and kind of the unit, however, the cost per square meter for this venture remains the best ever, and it is one of the most significant variables for this undertaking as there are installment offices, where the cost of units disregarding the view begins at 9500 pounds for every meter, while the cost per square meter for the remainder of the units begins from 9100 pounds of Catalan compound prices.

 You can pay a booking supplier 10% of the unit cost, paying the rest in equivalent portions for a time of 7 years, you likewise can pay a development installment of 15% of the unit cost, and pay the rest in equivalent portions for a time of 8 years.

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