elegantry mall new cairo

elegantry mall new cairo is probably the greatest shopping center in the realm of land interest in the fifth get together, which was built up by one of the biggest specific organizations in the field of land advancement with a valid Egyptian look close to contemporary and innovation, where the shopping center positioned high in the arrangements of the most speculation shopping .

centers in the business field, because of its event With a recognized area and simple access to it from anyplace, HODEIDAH Heliopolis engineers bunch additionally made the shopping center perhaps the most shopping center in Egypt that were embraced on present-day innovation and innovation, particularly in the security and security regions and electronic doors to make sure about the place and give the best conceivable solace and wellbeing for proprietors of regulatory and business units and clinical facilities with special elegantry Mall prices.

elegantry mall new cairo

Elegantry Mall New Cairo Location

The elegantry mall new cairo location : Subsequently, the shopping center site is viewed as one of the most recognized destinations for its nearness to the best neighborhoods, resorts, and top of the line private spots. It is an extraordinary favorable position and open door for all financial specialists, as it speaks to an efficient technique to introduce an incredible open door on a plate.

• elegantry mall new cairo Near school complex – New Cairo, International British School.

• A couple of moments from ninety Street, which is one of the most indispensable territories in that area.

• Close Mobil Gas Station and apparently three to two minutes among the biggest speculation and lodging ventures for the biggest land organizations.

• Midtown Condo is 30 minutes from the focal point of New Cairo.

• Little ways from Al-Sokhna expressway.

• It is situated on the Diplomatic Street close to the Olympic and Diplomatic urban communities.

• Just advances from the Ring Road, Suez Road, and Kai Heights compound.

• It likewise isolates the shopping center from the managerial capital, HODEIDAH, and Maadi, for close to 30 minutes

elegantry mall new cairo

Elegantry Mall New Cairo Unit spaces

The New Heliopolis Developers Group was quick to put various plans particularly as per the need to forestall squandering spaces, particularly in business ventures, which start spaces for managerial workplaces start from 45 square meters and arrive at 2400 square meters in a single floor contingent upon the need of the client.

When business spaces start from private spaces up to 2000 square meters, to suit the uncommon needs and fitting for customers.

In this way, the New Heliopolis Developers Group Company is one of the most serious organizations in the field of land advancement, in which the land venture estimation of the gathering arrives at in excess of 600 million pounds, through which it drew another face for land improvement with European highlights, particularly subsequent to structuring its best undertakings, which is the Cuba Heights venture.

Elegantry Mall New Cairo Advantages and prices

Concerning the regulatory units, it is an incorporated framework that works for the duration of the day with a total lighting, vitality, and earth well-disposed wiring framework and an electrical board, so the dividers in the shopping center are intended to be soundproof and disconnected.

• The task was additionally given electric entryways, guest the board, and holding up territories.

• A wide space has additionally been given for social clubs a running territory, bistros, and eateries, so all that you need will be handily found inside the venture.

elegantry mall new cairo

• Moreover, safe and guarding administrations were given all through the twenty-four consistent hours on the framework of a movement with an incorporated group prepared at the most elevated level and the utilization of current wellbeing frameworks.

• Just as the utilization of intermittent upkeep administrations, particularly in fast lifts with glass fronts or power and lighting working frameworks when all is said in done.

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