It is supported Ayelet managerial capital Elite Mall New Capital of the most extravagant and biggest business and regulatory undertakings in the core of the new authoritative capital has a structure exquisite and incorporated administrations required by every customer searching for a decent beginning to his work, the shopping center is situated in an awesome vital area of the Sports City and incorporates countless Units with various zones and unmistakable costs, so every client picks what suits him as indicated by his needs and sort of action.

elite mall

Elite Mall Location:

The venture is found Elite Mall location authoritative capital Elite Mall New Capital in the main business region in the managerial capital in the business region MU23 A3 box, in the normal area between districts R2 and R3.

Among the most significant highlights of Elite undertaking include:

• Elite Mall location, the new capital, is situated in the northern piece of the managerial capital.

• The shopping center ignores two central avenues, over 90 square meters wide.

• The prime area of the Elite venture makes it a couple of moments from the administration region.

•Shopping center Elite, the regulatory capital, is situated close to the new Capital International Airport.

• First-class Mall New Capital is situated close to the Al Massa Hotel and the City of Embassies.

•The crucial site of the shopping center is near the Green River.

Features of Elite Mall New Capital: 

Mall of the Elite Capital Management Elite Mall New Capital is a project for those looking for a strong starting point for his clinic or a library or his business, where he carries designs modern international luxury with a panorama glass geometric shapes reflect the dazzling sunshine and temperatures.

Among the most important features of the project and its services are the following:

• The site includes a large number of artificial lakes that give all units breathtaking views.

• There is a large central park one and a half times the size of Central Park in New York.

• You can take your children to spend a wonderful and unforgettable day in a four-fold theme park in Disneyland.

• The Elite New Capital project has a water park with an air wheel with a length of 250 square meters, in addition to a water park for paddling.

• The project includes more than 2000 educational buildings.

• The project has 663 clinics and hospitals.

• 1250 mosques are available in the project.

• There are also 40,000 luxurious hotel rooms.

• Mountaineering enthusiasts have a large theme park, with rides dedicated to equestrian lovers.

• There is an electric railway linking the administrative capital with the Egyptian governorates.

• The project has a new international airport established in an area of 16 square kilometers.

• There are dedicated tracks for walking, cycling and exercise away from the car trails.

• A distinct group of parks such as the technological park, the sculpture park, and the new zoo.

elite mall

Payment Methods and prices for the Elite Mall:

Highlighting Mall tip-top, the managerial capital of Elite Mall New Capital units give an assortment of spaces unmistakable offices for reimbursement to suit all prospects, and installment techniques accessible as follows:

• Clinical and regulatory unit costs from 40,000 Egyptian pounds to begin.

•Shop costs start from 77,000 EGP.

• Pay ahead of time of 5%, and pay the remainder of the sum for more than 6 years of Elite mall prices.

• Pay ahead of time of 5%, and pay the remainder of the sum for more than 7 years.

• Advance installment of 5%, and a portion of the rest of the sum for more than 8 years of Elite mall prices.

•All units will be conveyed in 2022.

Shopping center of the Elite Capital Management Elite Mall New Capital is an effective undertaking the executives offers an unmistakable arrangement of authoritative units that fit the wants of the considerable number of clients of specialists and specialists in all fields.

Exploit and hold your unit now and start the way to progress.

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