Eterna healthcare city is a perfect choice if you are Looking for taking a structure to be your Medical clinic. As it is one of the greatest medical Projects which is established by the United group Company at a great cost. The company has also Cared to mainly choose all perfect details that are Related to its medical project, starting by the Location and ending by all preparations and Services.

Details about the location of Eterna healthcare city United Group

The creativity of the owner company has appeared Through choosing a distinctive location for its Project. Where Eterna healthcare city is located in The heart of the business area, and the golden square Area where the heart of the fifth settlement.

By mentioning that, we can simply notice that the Project is on El Teseen street from the south Direction. In addition to being 5 minutes apart from The American University, and 10 minutes apart from a German university.

Eterna healthcare city

Eterna healthcare city United Group space, designs, and location

The project of Eterna healthcare city new Cairo is Set up on about 24,000 square meters. And the Company distributes this space between the land Skip from one direction and buildings from another Direction. Therefore the land skip space has reached About 16,000m to be two-thirds of the whole space Of the project. And the reason of this planning is to ensure the finding of natural views that reveal comfort To both patients and doctors.

We also find that about 8,000m of the space of Eterna healthcare city has been specified for Buildings therefore the appearance of the project Becomes an integrated one in the fifth settlement.

Fragment about design

All medical clinics inside the project are Differ from each other, but all of them are equal in The beauty and accurate details of designs. Where The Eterna healthcare city contains a huge hospital Designed by all modern ways. And contains also,

  • -490 medical clinics.
  • -5 hospitals.
  • -25 medical centers.

Units spaces

  • There are a variety of units spaces to achieve all customer’s needs.
  • -Medical clinics spaces, starting by about 40m.
  • -Centers spaces, starting by 70m.
  • -Trade shops spaces, starting with 37m.

Eterna healthcare city

Advantages of Eterna health care city United Group, new Cairo

The united group company insists to save several Services and different ones to finally produce a Gathering of advantages through one project. And here are most of them:

-Saving an environment that is surrounded by all Factors of peace and relaxation, where the green Spaces and elegant views.

-Overcoming the problem of crowding, through More of entrance and exit passages. As the exist of 5 gates only for entrance, in addition to 14 Elevators To help the customers move easily.

-Several dustmen are working inside all units of the Project to ensure keeping the environment clean.

-Security systems are available, besides more of Guards and security cameras for all units and Buildings.

-Other facilities are available such as, calling the Customer service and booking for the doctor you Want to visit rather than going for just booking.

Prices of units in Eterna healthcare city United Group, new Cairo and payment systems

There is no doubt that most of us have the desire to Take a unit for building his future in such a place as This project. So the company has taken this notice in Its regarding and introduces facilities of prices and The way of paying. Making all prices Appropriate to most customers.

Therefore the installment system is the way that the United group company takes in its treatment with Eterna healthcare prices.

You can pay 25% of the whole cost as prepayment And the rest of the cost can be paid as installments for 7 Years.

Finally, you are who knows exactly what you need And what the duty you must introduce towards your Future. Just think of choosing the right place.

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