As the 5th gathering in New Cairo always has a modern compound like galleria moon valley new cairo Egypt, here our essay about one of those best areas for living in New Cairo city.

Galleria Moon Valley compound is one of Arabia Company for Housing and Development’s projects, which is located in New Cairo’s Golden square on 72 acres minutes from the American university and Cairo Airport. Galleria Moon Valley will change your mind about the ordinary shape of the compounds.

The buildings in Galleria Moon Valley are designed in a modern style with glass facades to suit your luxurious lifestyle. The project also has a magnificent view of the artificial lakes which have been designed to feel more comfortable.

In Galleria Moon Valley Compound you also enjoy the view of the green areas and rare flowers. In the 5th settlement’ Galleria Moon Valley there is also a mall, a health club, a Gym, and a commercial area to provide all the services for the people. This helped prepare Galleria Moon Valley New Cairo Compound as an integrated project that achieves self-sufficiency for the population who live in it.

Galleria Moon Valley

The galleria moon valley new cairo Location of the project:-

Galleria Moon Valley Project is located in the heart of New Cairo in The 5th gathering, In one of the vibrant strategic locations, In the middle of the Golden Square 10 minute from the American University and The Cairo Airport.

The Advantages and Services of the project:- 

  • Galleria moon project has green spaces created on a wide range of the project’s space.
  • The Compound also has swimming pools that have been designed using the latest international styles.
  • The owner company of the project did not also lose the sight of providing 24-hour guarding services.
  • There is also a private parking lot for the owners.
  • The project has several gardens to contribute to the psychological well-being of the population.
  • The compound has wide streets any many open and safe areas for walking.
  • Artificial fountains and artificial limbs are designed at the compound.
  • In Galleria Moon Valley Many of the most quality cafes and restaurants are established to serve the population.
  • There are also full areas that have been designated for barbeque and parties in general.
  • There are also quiet seating areas among the greenery of meditation and stress-free.
  • In the context of the medical care investigation, several medical centers have been established to serve the residents of Galleria Moon Valley.
  • Clean life free from pollution and audio and visual noise.

Galleria Moon Valley

 The available spaces at the project:-

The available area in the Galleria Moon Valley Compound location project starts with 123 m and ends with 342 m2, this has helped meet the needs of all customers by varying spaces in the bund.

galleria moon valley

galleria moon valley new cairo Egypt Finishing, prices, and Payment Systems

First, all units in the Galleria Moon Valley Egypt are delivered in half-finished systems and special prices.

galleria moon valley prices and payment system is the customer’s 5% payment of the total value of the housing unit as a provider to be paid upon contract with the company.

While he receives a full 7-year payment period, The remaining value of the unit is paid in installments without interest.

Finally, the owner company of the Galleria Project in the 5th gathering, That all unites in the project are delivered within a maximum of three years from the date of the contract with the company.

Who of us does not like to make his children live in a perfect, peaceful, pollution-free life to keep their health? And make them grew up in a balanced environment if you wanted to, book your unit now and live in the Galleria Moon Valley compound.

For reservations, inquiries and pricing you can talk to Galleria Moon Valley Sales:-


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