If you decide to try the luxury life, you should think first about Joulz Compound. Joulz Compound is the best place in Egypt where you can try the different meaning if luxury life.

Joulz Compound inertia Is considered One of the most important residential, commercial and service projects in the city of 6 October in Giza Governorate, because The project includes a variety of residential and commercial units that cater to all tastes and desires.

The project also provides a variety of basic and entertainment services to its owners and guests to provide all families with their needs in all aspects and areas.

Joulz Compound

The Location of Joulz Compound:-

Joulz Compound inertia is located on the Cairo- Alexandria desert road, Close to the Ring Road and just after the Smart Village and only 20 minutes from The Mohandeseen quarter.

This privileged location makes Joulz Compound one of the most prominent projects of the Inertia real estate development company. Which has been recognized for its excellence and efficiency in the design of high-end units?

About the owner company:-

INERTIA COMPANY Founded in 2007, the company works very hard and consistently on designing and developing distinctive real estate projects to meet the needs of its clients. This is evident from the giant projects that the company has implemented not only in Cairo But in the other Mediterranean and Red Sea areas as well. The company’s ultimate goal is to create distinct, well-defined, cohesive, and responsive societies that meet all tastes and aspirations.

The available spaces in Joulz Compound 6 October project

The project has units ranging from 65 square meters to 700 square meters, Villas start with 260 square meters of land, including their own greenery.

The project of Joulz Compound built on 50 acres of space with different styles of villas, Twin House, penthouse, and apartments.

Another 20 acres of space includes all kinds of entertainment and business services, The family will find all it’s living and life requirements within the project.

Joulz Compound

Joulz inertia Compound 6 October services

The project has many services that all family members need, It offers a very large amount of comfort, luxury, and enjoyment, and It also gives life inside the compound a kind of happiness and freedom that is unmatched by other compounds.

*Multiple swimming pools with project extension

*Green spaces to enjoy the beauty of nature.

*The largest commercial area with a variety of shops, shops, and a supermarket.

*Private area for restaurants and buffets.

*24-hour monitoring systems.

*Medical clinics with the latest facilities.

* Back-up generators

Payment systems at Joulz Compound 6 October Prices

Joulz Compound offers the opportunity to pay 10% of prices in advance and to installment the rest of the financial value over 7 years without interest.

The Unit is also received within 3 years.

Joulz ensures privacy, safety, quiet, fun, and sophistication all at the best price.

Joulz offers an exquisitely outlined improvement that points to bring an exuberant, dynamic, and uncommon community encounter for its inhabitants inside a particular compound giving a serene and beautiful get-away with a wealth of greenery in a private community and a vital area near to the city, however distant sufficient to disengage from its racket.

Joulz ensures a loose living environment that permits its inhabitants to appreciate broad green scopes encompassing their homes. Joulz stands out from the swarm as its units are all outlined to capture as much of nature as conceivable, welcoming in light to brighten their homes and each day activities.

Book your unit now and enjoy the finest service in Joulz New Cairo.

For reservations, inquiries and pricing you can speak with Joulz Compound Sales 01101112515

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