The New Administrative Capital has become attractive for many businessmen and investors. It spans over 700 square kilometers. It is going to be a thriving spot where countless individuals and companies can invest their money. La Capital Mall New Capital is one of these promising projects.


Pyramids Development is the company that has established La Capital Mall Pyramids. It is considered one of the most remarkable companies in the field of real estate within Egypt.

“Pyramids” was set up in France in 1999, and in 2013 it began to establish many projects in Egypt. Pyramids Development has set up many successful projects such as Grand Square Mall, Paris Mall, Pyramids Mall, Lake Studios, and La Capitale compound.

La Capital Mall Location:

La Capital mall has a vital location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital as it is accessible from many ways. It has an exceptional location in area R7.

The mall is near the presidential palace. It is only 5 minutes away from the Green River, Fairground City, Expo City, and the British University. Besides, the mall is in close proximity to Governmental Quarter and Diplomatic Quarter.


La Capital is designed in the elegant French style, which is so attractive. You will find small kiosks, which are 12 square meters, all over the mall.

Besides, you can park your car in the underground garage. There is a high speed Wi-Fi, so you can surf the internet at any time. You can have a tasty meal at one of the several restaurants, and you are recommended to take a drink at one of the cafes.

Over and above that, there are various hypermarkets in La Capital Mall New Capital. The security guards the mall all the time, and there are surveillance cameras distributed all over the mall to ensure high level of safety.

The fire fighting system is reliable, and there is a team that is ready to deal in case of any tough situations. The existence of a hotel inside the mall will make the place vibrant, which guarantees that your investment there is going to be successful.

La Capital Mall New capital

La Capital Mall Pyramids Organisation:

La Capital consists of a ground floor in addition to other six floors. The first and second floors are specified for commercial units, whereas the third floor is dedicated for health clinics.

Moreover, the fourth and the fifth floors are specified for administration offices, whilst the last floor is going to be a luxurious hotel. The plan indicates that La Capital Mall New Capital is going to be delivered by the end of 2020.


La Capital Mall Pyramids includes a plethora of units that vary in space. The areas of the commercial units range from 16 square meters up to 300 square meters, whilst the areas of the clinics and offices start from 43 square meters.

Over and above that, some commercial units such as restaurants and cafes require extra space. That is why La Capital Mall New Capital offers the investors extra space outside the shops on the ground floor.

La Capital Mall prices and Payment method:

You can obtain your unit at La Capital New Capital easily because the developer aims to facilitate the prices and procedures of payment. You can only pay 10% down payment and pay the rest of the money by installments over 10 years without interest, and the installments will be equal.

All in all, La Capital New Capital is designed in a magnificent European style as the executing company aims to apply the elegant French style. You will definitely be amazed by the decorations, and you will find shops for everything you need.

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