Mountain View: luxurious villas with all amenities

 Mountain View was established in 2005. This company is known for its grandeur, and it pays a lot of attention to all services. The managers of the company have the aim of making people enjoy the most. The buildings are not designed to just provide people with a simple shelter, but to make people happy. The buildings are the embodiment of the collaboration with Delivering Happiness DH Company, which believes that architecture affects the well-being. The villas there are not isolated; that is, you have neighbors and you can have a chat with them in the garden. The compounds of Mountain View are located in diverse places in Egypt.

Mountain View New Cairo

It’s an area of 2 million square meters, which is located in the Fifth Settlement. It’s a unique community, where you will be overwhelmed by the special American design. It’s 10 minutes away from The American University and 8 minutes away from Cairo International Airport. The residential buildings only represent 25% of the area, and the rest is facilities or greenery. You can enjoy some drinks in one of the countless cafes and have a meal at any restaurant. The lifestyle is breathtaking as calmness and tranquility are predominant. It is designed to offer its residents a spectacular living environment. The houses have front yard similar to the American houses. In Mountain View New Cairo, you will find sports areas within the residential buildings to maintain your fitness.

Mountain View I City

It’s 3 minutes away from Mall of Arabia in 6th of October City, and it covers an area of 1,890,000 square meters. You can buy an apartment, a townhouse, a villa, or even a cabin. It’s an ideal environment that is designed to meet all your needs. Mountain View I City contains all the services and all the means of amusement and comfort. It is designed to accommodate 50,000 inhabitants;

therefore, it’s a comprehensive urban project. The main purpose of this project is to create a city where there are few cars. Moreover, you don’t have to cross the whole city to get out; in other words, each part of the city has its own gate. You will not panic when your children run in the road because the road network specified for vehicles is at the sides of the city, whereas the center of it is specified for individuals. That will guarantee privacy as no strangers would pass by your house.

Mountain View

Mountain View Hyde Park

It’s also located in the Fifth Settlement, and it covers an area of 840000 Square Meters. Mountain View Hyde Park is designed according to the most modern styles of American architecture. If the green scenery helps you relax, then you need to have a look at this amazing compound. It enables you to have access to 300 Fadden of lush greenery and marvelous landscapes. There are also trails for strolling, jogging, and biking. There are parks, swimming pools, lakes, lagoons, cinemas, and malls. Besides, your children can enroll in one of the diverse international schools there. The size of the landscape is greater than anyone could expect.


All in all, Mountain View is a good choice as it offers you the opportunity to embrace nature and enjoy the tranquility. You will not need to go out, for it’s a comprehensive city and it has all the facilities and amenities you would ever need. Moreover, the founders of the company have a strong belief that the shape and color of the buildings influence your mood, so they care a lot about the designs. It’s your gateway to a richer life.

Mountain View


The Marq New Cairo

Tycoon Compound


Swan Lake