For amateurs, real fun apartments, and villas in Sea View North Coast waiting! sea view north coast location Some of these opportunities available today can be a dream in the distance with the increasing rise in the Egyptian real estate market.

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sea view north coast sahel location

You’ve probably heard of the recent real estate boom in Egypt right now. You may have read or visited many websites looking for more details on this topic. Or maybe you were one of those people who agreed to buy an apartment or a house on the beach, but you don’t know where to go forward or want to start your real estate project on the Nile. Ok, to direct you in our real estate.

business, I prepared this article realistically and quickly. You’ll consider this paper useful, whether for purchasing a property directly or beginning your own real estate project in Panama or even getting a full understanding of this growing real estate boom.

What is happening in the Egyptian real estate market sea view north coast ?

What happens in Egypt has no precedent of any kind. The market is rising fast, and we have never seen such real estate growth in our country before. For hundreds of foreigners interested in purchasing real estate in the North Coast, the severe administrative capital, and the knowledgeable people, we visit us on a monthly basis.

 The constant rise in value per square meter approximately at a monthly rate. For example: in January 2012, Apartments could have been found in the village of the North Coast for about 1,00. $ 1 per square meter is almost impossible at present ($ 1,200- $ 1,400 and higher). This has resulted in the generation of value per square meter three times in the city and even four times in the rest of the country.

sea view north coast

sea view north coast Sahel The primary real estate brokers’ associations predicted that the overall value of land in Panama could rise to 30% to 40% in the next three years, due to this increased influx of prices.

Extremely luxurious buildings consisting of more than 20 floors, luxury homes worth more than a million dollars, yachts and water clubs, mega luxury hotels, golf camps built by famous foreign professionals, as well as major shopping centers, are currently under development or undergoing delivery in The next few years. Renewing the face of the city to a rich and cosmopolitan city.

Promoters, founding developers, and foreign real estate companies from the Arab Republic of Egypt started developing real estate projects with great impact. A growing number of foreign real estate brokerages are growing businesses in our country every month. In fact, we may recall that seven of the tallest constellations in Latin America are being built in the city known as the New Administrative Capital (This area is expected to be a skyscraper in front of the sea view north coast in the town) We can mention, among other things.

sea view north coast

What are the actual reasons that triggered this rise in real estate sea view north Coast prices ?

sea view north coast Sahel Meanwhile, small groups of professionals (lawyers, traders, and independent practitioners) were giving lectures on the advantages of the Egyptian real estate market or arranging tours for foreigners on a small property. Several articles are written in foreign retirement magazines (the generation recognized as “baby boomers”) and second residences abroad started by identifying Egypt as one of the best places in the world to stay in high quality but low cost, all thanks to the vast projects targeting this market, such as New administrative capital, new El Alamein towers, and North Coast projects , sea view north coast.

How are the benefits of Egypt as a real estate destination after that?

Well, let’s go over the topic. Let’s consider the benefits that the Egyptian government offers. This will enable you, as many foreigners have done, to decide to buy a property in our country effectively. We may discuss this from the real estate point of view.

The excellent operation, quality, and connectivity program for assets such as high-speed broadband (five main broadband networks in Egypt), cable TV, satellite TV, and municipal drinking water.

The opportunity to purchase luxurious apartments with spacious areas at an amazingly low price and sea view north coast compared to apartments of the same quality in the USA and Europe.

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