the pier mall new capital
in the core of the new regulatory capital, found explicitly in the third private region in the R3 territory, where they region are thickly populated, containing in excess of 25 400 lodging units shifted.
It is normal that around 100,000 individuals will live in it, which makes picking this locale to actualize the task an effective decision for venture on a business level, given that the district incorporates various significant lodging edifices, and all help offices, which make the spot an incredible open door for customers and financial specialists.
The Pier Mall New Capital

The Pier Mall – New Capital Spaces: 


• The Pier Mall New Capital incorporates a gathering of units that are appropriate for building up business, clinical and managerial exercises. The shopping center comprises of three stories other than the ground floor.
• The units that are appropriate for building up various business exercises are situated in the ground, first and second floors, with different regions beginning from 20 square meters.
• The units that are reasonable for building up a clinical or authoritative movement are situated on the third floor with various territories beginning from 30 square meters, realizing that the level of stacking of the shopping center is the most reduced contrasted with any undertaking in the new managerial capital, arriving at just 15%.
The Pier Mall New Capital

the pier mall new capital Location: 


The Pier Mall New Capital incorporates a gathering of units that are appropriate for setting up There is The Mall, the authoritative capital, in the best and most essential spots in the new regulatory capital, where it is found explicitly in the third private neighborhood R3, which contains 25,400 lodging units of different sizes and various regions, and it is normal that more than one hundred thousand individuals will live around there.
The third neighborhood incorporates various mixes recognized by very good quality plans that offer a wide range of assistance and offices inside the new authoritative capital, which makes the foundation of The Bear Mall a fruitful decision and gives an extraordinary open door for speculation and incredible monetary benefits.

The Pier Mall New Capital services: 


Accessible inside the Bear Mall, all the administrations that must be accessible in any business shopping center that is portrayed by complexity and extravagance, and these administrations are as per the following:
• An extensive diversion territory, which incorporates a gathering of films, a coordinated amusement park, notwithstanding a kids’ play region, furnished with all wellbeing and security.
• There is a huge zone that incorporates various fine eateries that offer the best nearby and worldwide suppers, and various extravagance bistros that offer an assortment of beverages.
• There is a gathering of shops that incorporate results of globally celebrated brands.
• There are a gathering of managerial and business shops.
• There are various regulatory workplaces and a gathering of clinical facilities in different strengths.
• Inside the shopping center there are various lifts with climate control systems.

Also, other various administrations appreciated by the shopping center, as the organization exploited all its past business, regardless of whether business or land, and built up the Champs-Elysees Mall, the authoritative capital, on the most recent universal models.The Pier Mall New Capital

Payment Systems & Prices in the pier mall new capital:


All units, regardless of whether business, regulatory, or clinical, that are situated inside the pier mall new capital are recognized by the fitting costs for all customers and speculators, as they are suitable to their various needs and money related abilities.
The organization actualizing the Mall venture, which is situated in the most renowned spots in the focal point of the authoritative capital, gives a lot of simple installment frameworks for all clients, so as to encourage them when buying a unit in the undertaking. These frameworks are as per the following:
• The client pays just 5% of the complete estimation of the unit he wishes to get, given that he follows through on the rest of the measure of its cost in equivalent portions for a time of four years.
• The client pays 7% of the unit’s worth, gave that the rest of the unit’s worth is paid more than five years as equivalent regularly scheduled installments.
• The client who needs to buy a unit in The Bear Mall, the managerial capital, pays 10% of the unit’s worth, given that the rest of the sum is paid more than six years.