Cairo business plaza, a new facility to get your needs

Better house company has cared about executing One of the greatest malls in the new capital city, Cairo Business Plaza. and The choosing of establishing was according to how It is so important to set such a mall in a Residential Area, where a great population existed .so the idea Of setting the plaza mall is to serve the whole area and To make all needs of customers is available. The Company has insisted to hire a team of most selected Architecture engineers, in addition, to decorate Engineers in order to execute the whole designs of This mall.

Cairo business plaza

The way this mall is designed

It is notable in this mall that, the creativity in which The engineers possess has left a great touch on the Project. Therefore Cairo business plaza becomes so Distinctive. There is an obvious rely on using Traditional designs in addition to European style on Drawing insider and outsider designs of the project.

Although, the modernity of the company era in the field of housing development and residential investment, the company has proved its ability to choose modern designs blended with special Planning that has no same in the middle east. The Company also cares about accurate details that Helps in introducing distinctive work in the field of Establishment. Where the use of special tools Which are related only to the established field. In addition To using special materials for decorating works.

Location of cairo business plaza mall Better Home

cairo business plaza location is held on the residential area R7 to be Surrounded by a great gathering of housing units. There are more governmental institutions nearing The mall. So it is a distinctive location according to Trade and investment area. The Cairo airport is also Few feet apart from the Plaza mall. On the other hand, you can find that the industrial and trade area Are not so far from the mall location.

Space of cairo business plaza and its divisions
The mall has been established on about 5 acres. And this space has been divided according to the following:

-Several floors with different spaces to be Appropriate for the desires of all customers who seek to get a shop in the mall.

-The down floor has several shops which its space Starts from 49m to 200 square meters for every single Shop.

-High floors of the Cairo business plaza have been chosen For administrative offices.

-The huge area has been attached to the mall for the Coming of great numbers of cars.

Cairo business plaza

Cairo business plaza mall Better Home services

From the beginning of planning, there was an Intension for establishing the mall to be Distinguished. So a variety of services have been added to the project.

Here are most of these services,

-Executing the project in a highly professional way.

-There is special care about vital areas so you can feel safe.

-Attention for the surrounded area, therefore there is a green space around it for keeping beauty Views.

-Providing the mall with several guards, security Cameras for securing all units of the mall.

-Choosing enough space to be a place for holding Parties, attached to it modern ways to make it Special.

-Choosing one of the floors for medical services, Whether hospitals or specialized medical centers.

-There is a plan for establishing an area for Entertainment, in addition to a social distinctive Club.

-Transportation ways and elevators are available for The comfort of all clients.

-There is a department in the mall that introduces Maintenance services including electricity field, Plumping, woodworking fields, and others.

Cairo business plaza

Cairo business plaza mall Better Home Prices and payments

Actually, the company offers more than one way to pay the cost of the shop. First of all the customer Can give an immediate payment without any need To installments. But if the customer is unable to do That, therefore he/she can choose another offer Such As, giving 5% of the whole cost as a Prepayment and The rest will be an installment for 6 years.

-Or giving 10% prepayment and the rest will be Installments for 7 years of Cairo business plaza prices.

-All of all, there is a contract that will be held between The customer and the company for keeping Insurance to each side.

Shortly, it is respected to find a nice place where you can invest, do shopping through great shops, And elegant materials attached.

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